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Iphone 4s Commercial

Apple airs new celebrity iPhone 4S commercial: Marty Scorsese has a busy day

Apple has begun airing a new iPhone 4S commercial, again focusing on celebrities using Siri and this time featuring director Marty Scorsese having a busy day. The ad continues the campaign begun with Samuel L Jackson and Zooey Deschenel, and a double dose of John Malkovich and highlights:

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Apple's new iPhone 4S ad sees Siri joking and talking about life with John Malkovich

Apple has released their third and fourth celebrity iPhone 4S ads, both starring John Malkovich and Siri. The first is called Joke and the second, Life.

While helping John Malkovich plan a night out, Siri shows him her funny side.

After John Malkovich gets philosophical, Siri is ready with an answer.

With classical music playing in the background, Joke sees Malkovich ask Siri for the weather, for his evening calendar, restaurants featuring linguica, and then for a joke.

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Celebrity iPhone 4S Siri commercials hit the air with Samuel L. Jackson, Zooey Deschanel

For the first time in... forever, iPhone 4S commercials are hitting the air with celebrities.... talking to Siri. The Avengers' Samuel L. Jackson is in one spot that finishes with Verizon branding and The New Girl's Zooey Deschanel is in another with the Sprint logo at the end.

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Apple airs new commercial: iCloud Harmony

Apple has just released a new iCloud-themed commercial aimed to show the advantages of their push and store network. The commercial begins with an iPhone user tapping "Use iCloud", then buying an album. Cut to an iPad where the music automagically downloads as well. Cut to a MacBook Air and the music is also downloading there.

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New iPhone 4S Siri commercials take you on a Road Trip and call your Rock God

Apple has released two new iPhone 4S ads, and like most of the previous commercials, they focus on Siri, the virtual personal assistant.

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Santa uses Siri to help make his Christmas rounds

Apple has released a new iPhone 4S commercial outlining how Santa uses Siri on the new iPhone 4S to help make his rounds on Christmas.

While Siri is still in beta, and still has plenty of rough edges, Apple continues to make it the staple feature in its advertising campaigns. Whether that troubles anyone or not, the ad itself is very well done. My favorite part is near the end when Santa asks Siri how how the rest of his day looks, to which Siri responds with... Well, watch it and find out!

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Sprint releases Unlimited iPhone 4S commercial

Sprint has released its first commercial for the iPhone 4S titled “Unlimited iPhone”. The ad is all about the Sprint unlimited data plan that comes with an iPhone 4S on its network.

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New Verizon iPhone 4S commercial

Verizon has released a new iPhone 4S commercial, once again touting the breadth of their network. This time, while several -- we're left to guess AT&T iPhone users -- are left to flounder due to their lack of signal, the one Verizon iPhone user among them connects heroically and without issue.

(Might have been more powerful if all the other people were on Verizon, easily connecting, and only the one hapless guy was left adrift, watching everyone else succeed.)

Anyone here actually switch from AT&T to Verizon for the iPhone 4S? Happy with the choice?

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Apple airs new iPhone 4S commercials: Siri, Camera, iCloud

Apple has released 3 more iPhone 4S commercials, a second on Siri along with one focusing on the new 8mp, 1080p camera, and one on iCloud.

  • iCloud highlights automatic iTunes Music downloads across devices, Documents in the Cloud propagating updates, iBooks bookmarks copying themselves from iPhone to iPad, and Photo Stream taking the pictures from iPhone and popping them into iPhoto.

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Apple airs first iPhone 4S commercial, focuses on Siri

Apple has aired their first iPhone 4S commercial and it's all about Siri, their new artificially intelligent voice control system. In the commercial, Siri is told:

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