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iphone 4S DIY repair

How to DIY repair headphone jack or mute switch issues in an iPhone 4S

If your iPhone 4S headphone jack or mute switch is giving you issues, a DIY repair on the cable that handles those functions can remedy the problem. Symptoms typically include audio cutting in and out when headphones are plugged in or no sound at all. The mute switch can also face issues where turning vibrate on or off results in no response or the switch itself being loose. These problems don't typically involve the actual mute switch, but the cable that lies underneath it.

Regardless whether you're having headphone jack or mute switch issues on your iPhone 4S, this guide can walk you through how to get both functions back in working order again.

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How to replace the volume buttons in an iPhone 4S

Like any other metal, steel can become sharp or jagged when damaged. If you've got an iPhone 4S and you've physically damaged the volume buttons, a DIY repair can get them back into like new condition in no time. If you didn't opt for AppleCare+ and your normal warranty won't cover the damage, taking matters into your own hands may not be a bad idea.

Follow along and we'll walk you through how to get those buttons back into perfect condition for a lot less than what the cost of a new iPhone is.

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