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Iphone 4s Tips

How to search the web, get answers, and find restaurants using Siri

Siri makes for a great personal assistant during the work day for performing tasks like solving mathematical equations and can also be used for entertainment purposes during down time by helping you find things on the Internet. Instead of manually entering Safari or another alternate browser, ask Siri to search the web. If you need the do some math quickly, forget your calculator app and just have Siri use Wolfram Alpha to figure it out for you.

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Daily Tip: How to quickly access birthdays with Siri

Need a fast way to find out about birthdays? Not a problem. With the iPhone 4S you can avoid faking a distraction, jumping out the window, racing to the car, and slamming down on the accelerator, Homer Simpson-style, because you forgot that special someone's special day. Assuming you have the birthday recorder in your calendar, all you have to do is ask Siri.

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Daily Tip: Basic Siri commands

Brand new to iPhone 4S, heard all about Siri, but wondering how to get started? No problem! Here are the basic things that Siri can do for you, and the example commands to get Siri to do them. Everything has a learning curve and even Apples magical voice activated assistant needs to be spoken to gently in order for her (or him in the UK and France!) to give you what you need.

  • Phone: “Call Emtal.”

  • FaceTime “FaceTime JMil.”

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How to set the iPhone 4S camera flash as an LED indicator for new messages

Just switch over to iPhone from BlackBerry or Android and wondering how to get an LED notification for new messages? While it's not quite the same things, with iOS 5 on the iPhone 4S or iPhone 4, you can take advantage of your camera flash as an indicator. If you find yourself missing messages due to not hearing the sounds, or would rather skip the noises and just see a light, check out a few simple steps to get yourself going.

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Daily Tip: How to turn on AirPlay Mirroring

Wondering how to turn use AirPlay Mirroring on your new iPhone 4S or iPad 2? Air Play Mirroring is one of the great features of  iOS 5 and enables you to mirror your screen on your second generation Apple TV. Here's how to get it started.

First off we need to make sure AirPlay is enabled on the Apple TV

  • Go into Settings
  • AirPlay
  • Turn on AirPlay

Now we have done that, grab your iPhone 4S or iPad 2

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