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iphone 5s case

The Apple iPhone 5s leather case is a dirt magnet, tell us how you keep it clean!

Apple made a re-entry to the accessories market with the launch of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, one of which is the range of pretty awesome looking leather cases for the 5s. One problem โ€“ much less obvious if you got the black โ€“ is that leather attracts dirt. General dirt, grease, the stain from the inside of your jeans pocket, it's almost impossible to prevent.

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iPhone 5s Apple case review

The iPhone 5s is the new high-end phone from Apple, finished in silver, space gray, or gold, meant to evoke the premium look of classic jewelry, and the future of cutting edge technology. Enveloping and binding it all together are new cases in 5 common and 1 special edition colors. So do they add to the overall package, or simply distract?

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