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Iphone Ads

New Apple ad kicks competitors right in the music

Turns out that spectacular Photos Every Day ad Apple released last month was just the first in a new series, as today they've introduced Music Every Day and it's every bit as terrific. Like the previous spot, Music Every Day shows people using the iPhone to enjoy music. Many and different people in many and different ways.

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Apple airs new, iPad-like Discover and Brilliant ads for iPhone 5

Apple has brought their recent, gleeful, iPad ads to the iPhone 5s with two new spots called Discover and Brilliant. Just like the iPad ads, the new iPhone ads feature a series of rapid-fire words, culminating on a focus word, which then triggers a series of app demos relating to different meanings of that word.

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Apple debuts Family Man, Dog Lover, Backpacker TV commercials

Apple is keeping up the transition from "app for that" to showing how the iPhone makes its users lives better with three new TV commercials -- Family Man, Dog Lover, and Backpacker

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New iPhone "App for That" Ads: Share and Travel

After a brief respite showing off iPhone 3GS features, Apple has returned to their now familiar "App for That" playbook with two new TV spots, one focusing on Share and the other on Travel.

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Apple Unleashes 3 New "There's an App for That" iPhone Commercials

Turned on my TV last night and what did I see? A new iPhone commercial showing off apps to me!

Still on the "There's an App for That" theme, these new commercials are titled Itchy, Office, and Student. Here's the list and the iTunes App Store links:

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New iPhone Commercial: Shazam

This is a huge coincidence since we just had our App vs App: Shazam vs Midomi on TiPB. I love these commercials since they are so simple and really show what the iPhone can do. Well, since I think most carbon-based life forms know what the iPhone is, it is time for Apple to show how the App Store's apps can make a difference in your life. 

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New iPhone Commerical: Loopt

Saw this online last night, and you have to give Apple's advertising gurus credit: they know how to show off the App Store. Never once do they get bogged down in the tech-talk quagmire of Social Network or Location Based services, nor do they trade comical barbs like their Mac Switcher ads.

iPhone ads show cool things being done easily. Case in point, the latest spot featuring Loopt.

Stay in touch with your friends. That's the iPhone. Done.

Maybe that's why the iPhone ranks #1 in satisfaction?

Check out the add via Apple.com

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New iPhone Ad is a "Game Changer"

Major League Baseball's App for the iPhone has been in the news due to a price drop -- and the little controversy surrounding it's seasonal expiry -- as of late. Well, now Apple has thrown a huge spotlight onto it again, this time likely hoping to ride the playoff popularity wave.

For baseball fans who want their fix when they want and where they want, the commercial gets it right: "game changer" indeed.

Check it out at Apple.com

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New iPhone App Store Ads... Will Change Everything

Already seen Dark Knight like 5 times and itching for some new content to fill your Saturday night? Well, if you're into short form, Apple has your fix of three all new, all App Store-focused new iPhone ads.

Featuring Lonely Planet phrases, the Cro-Mag rally game, and the location aware Vicinity app, the ads highlight how quickly and elegantly App Store downloads and installs work (insert your own crash joke here), and how the Phone App is still king -- interrupting your conversation, gaming, and sightseeing whenever a call comes in.

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