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Iphone Black

AT&T not carrying white iPhone 4 at launch?

If the above screenshot really is an internal document via AT&T, there's some doubt as to whether or not AT&T is going to have any white iPhones on stock for launch day (or in the coming days after). This document seems to have leaked over at modmyi.com.ย  TiPb aren't too sure whether or not this is a hoax (maybe just to scare Leanna). We'd assume at least the Apple stores will carry the white models.ย  Seeing as this is an AT&T internal document, we don't see this holding any bearing on what Apple will have at launch.

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And the Next Generation iPhone Will Be Called... - Wait-a-Thon!

What? Oh, sorry... You though we...? Nope. Dunno. Haven't the foggiest. Maybe you could tell us? When Steve Jobs pulls out the updated version of his little pocket universe dent'er, what's he going to call it?

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What's the iPhone 3G Going to Look Like?! Countdown to WWDC - Wait-a-Thon

[Note: This a a Wait-A-Thon post! Tell us what you think the iPhone 3G will look like -- or comment on any post tagged "Wait-a-Thon" -- for your chance to win a $100 iTunes Gift Card! Note that you must post with a valid and real email address so we can send you your prize -- no switching!]

Yesterday we asked you "What's the iPhone 3G Chip and When Will it Ship?" Today we want to know what YOU think the iPhone 3G is going to look like?

Darth Vader black and Paris Hilton thin? Candy red fatty with Kevin Rose cam up front? High-def white with chrome button trim? What do YOU think?

To give you some help, here's a HUGE roundup of all the iPhone 3G form factor rumors. Epic-style. Because let's face it, roughly 0.01 seconds after Steve Jobs pulled the first iPhone from his pocket back at Macworld 2007, and someone, somewhere, put aside their childlike sense of wonder long enough think: "Nice! What's the next gen going to be like?"

Complementary, contradictory, obvious, confusing, all but confirmed or from left field via outer space, the rumors have flooded the internet ever since. It's become almost impossible to keep track of them all.

Six days from today Steve Jobs takes Moscone Center stage for the sold-out WWDC keynote, and according to everyone and their newsfeed, announces the iPhone 3G. In eager anticipation, every day this week, TiPb wil be asking you to tell us what you think the next generation iPhone will be, from 3G to GPS, release dates to price points, colors to casings, 2.0 software to .Mac .Me services, and this weekend we'll wrap it all up with a look into the WWDC/iPhone 3G Crystal Ball, and a roundup of the very best of YOUR predictions.

So come on, let's get in on!

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AT&T Un-leaks: iPhone Black Taken Back?

AT&T giveth, and AT&T taketh away. Or so they say...

Hot on the heels of an apparent AT&T web glitch that everyone and their blogs assumed leaked something called the "iPhone Black", and some maybe corroboration from a UK accessory web store selling what looks like current gen stock under the "iPhone Black" label, reader Bad Ash points out that the Tilt (and maybe other handsets?) were also being listed as "Black", i.e. "Tilt Black".

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AT&T Leaks: iPhone Black?

I see a 3G iPhone and it will be painted black
No more aluminum just plastic on the back
How do I know and why will El Jobso certainly freak?
Cause AT&T has once again gone and sprung a leak

Cat's out of the bag and there's no going back
Published on their website something called the iPhone Black
So 2.0 is coming and it'll be on one of them
While others struggle to iClone Apple's gone to the next gen

3G, business, gaming, and App Store fully packed
I look to June and I want my iPhone Black!

[To the tune of, and with profound apologies to, the Rolling Stones: Painted Black]

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