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Iphone-dev Team

iPhone 4, iPad 2 jailbreak by the numbers

The iPhone Dev Team has shared some numbers on the Absinthe jailbreak for iPhone 4S and iPad. These are the downloads over the last 3 days.

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Promising unlock in the works for iPhone 4S users

If you're a prospective iPhone 4S user who's patiently waiting for an unlock, you may get one soon. According to Musclenerd, long time member of the iPhone Dev-Team, they've got an unlock for the iPhone 4S in the works that looks promising. This is exciting news considering the iPhone 4S is currently the only device that can't be unlocked with Ultrasn0w.

Crazy Thanksgiving weekend! Very promising 4S unlock is in the works (Not i4, just 4S..that's crazy part)

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How to jailbreak iOS 4.3.2 via redsn0w 0.9.6rc14 (untethered)

Complete guide to Jailbreaking iPhone, iPod touch, and original iPad running iOS 4.3.2 with redsn0w

iOS 4.3.2 untethered jailbreak for iPhone, iPod touch, and original iPad is now live... and it's pretty much the same as the iOS 4.3.1 Jailbreak so we're updating this post to get you going faster! The Dev-Team has used their hax0r magic to bring us yet another gift in the form of an untethered jailbreak! This jailbreak will require you to use redsn0w, which is available for both Windows and Mac OS X.

Important: iPad 2 is still not supported and unlockers need to steer clear until ultrasn0w is updated. If you've got a Verizon iPhone you'll want to check out our greenpois0n jailbreak guide for iOS 4.2.6 instead.

Hit the jump for a complete how-to!

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iOS 4.3 untethered jailbreak exploit handed over to Dev-Team

Developer Stefan Essen recently demoed an iOS 4.3 untethered jailbreak exploit on video. Today on Twitter, he has stated that the exploit has been turned over to the iPhone Dev-Team. He stated when he released the demo video that he had no intention of releasing a jailbreak tool himself.

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iOS 4.3 unlock working on iPhone 4 basebands 3.10.01 and 2.10.04?

iOS 4.3 is surely on the horizon. That leaves many unlockers wondering whether or not there will be an unlock ready. It's been a while but it appears a tweet from @sherif_hashim may be confirming that the issues have finally been worked out.

Don't go upgrading just yet though! MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev Team stated earlier that an iPhone 4 unlock solution would not be released until after iOS 4.3 goes public. This unlock would allow iPhone 4 users to unlock their phones on the newer basebands (3.10.01 and 2.10.04).

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PwnageTool 4.2 released, untethered, fixes iBooks

The Phone Dev Team's PwnageTool, which allows for the Jailbreak of iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Apple TV, has been updated to version 4.2 and now is untethered and fixes issues with iBooks.

With [Chronic Dev Team's] permission, we’ve incorporated their 4.2.1 “feedface” untether into today’s PwnageTool 4.2. This means iPhone unlockers can safely restore to a custom 4.2.1 pre-jailbroken IPSW and retain their current baseband and unlock.

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iPhone Dev-Team Unlock Update: "Target date is a few days after Christmas :)"

For anyone who has been waiting for a software unlock soltution for their iPhone 3G, it looks like you patience will be paying off in a short few weeks. As Dev Team member MuscleNerd stated "Target date is a few days after Christmas".

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iPhone-dev Team 3G Unlock Update

Jeremy recently reported that the iPhone-dev Team were inching towards an unlock for the iPhone 3G. This time, the iPhone-dev Team checks in through their blog saying that they have made "significant progress" with the 3G Unlock.

The team modified the baseband of the iPhone 3G and even though it failed the integrity check, it was still running. They state that though running modified code is extremely useful, they still can't give an accurate time table to when we will see a 3G Unlock. Click the read link to see a video of the process. And let's hope that the amazing iPhone-dev Team are able to get through.

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iPhone-dev Team Getting Closer to 3G Unlock?

Let me first start off by quoting the iPhone-dev Team:

Disclaimer!! This is a purely technical post with no pragmatic use!

Sadly you will not read that they have unlocked the iPhone 3G. They have posted a few updates over the past few months giving us some idea of what is going on with the 3G unlock. It seems they have hit a snag while trying to use a specific exploit. They were able to get the baseband to stop responding to the OS. They then tried to restore the device multiple times to no avail.

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Why No iPhone 3G Unlock / New iPod Touch Jailbreak? And 2.2 Already Pwnd?

Did Apple finally bring the hounds to the old iPhone jailbreak/unlock cat and mouse game?

Maybe. It's been over 2 months and while the miraculous iPhone DevTeam has jailbroken the iPhone 3G, unlocking the device to work on any carrier has thus far eluded them. Likewise, the brand new iPod Touch -- which might be a sign of things to come with the next iPhone as well -- has proven more resistant to Jailbreaking. Says the DevTeam:

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