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Iphone Dock

Does nobody at Apple sleep?

If you're on iMore reading this article, you already know the iPhone is a great device for powering through your day. There is no need for me to extol on what the iPhone does well. You know. As an iPhone owner who has also spent a lot of time on the competition, however, there's an area where the iPhone and iOS 7 fall short — when I go to bed every night and try to fall asleep.

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EverDock Duo for iPhone and iPad review

EverDock is a new charging dock accessory made by Fuz designs. Made from a solid block of aluminum, EverDock feels sturdy and looks great. The bottom of the dock itself has a pad that is comprised of tiny air bubbles that stick to virtually any surface. That makes one hand removal of your iPhone or iPad without having to hold the base of the dock possible.

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Elevation Dock for iPhone review

Consigned to having to charge by cable rather than waste money on a dock that'd give me fits, I fell into a deep depression, haunted by the white iPhone dock cables I had strewn about the house. Then, one day in mid-December my dreams were answered. An upstart Oregon company by the name of Elevation Lab was kicking ass on Kickstarter with their proposal for the iPhone dock to beat all other iPhone docks: the Elevation Dock.

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A Steve Jobs Endorsed iPhone Dock

Peeved that your iPhone 3G didn't come with a dock? Annoyed that the dock is just too, plain? Well, if you want to add some color, creativity, and character, there probably isn't anything better than a Steve Jobs Dock! The detail is amazing, the color is accurate, and the Steve Jobs Keynote pose is downright hilarious. Not to mention, it's a bobblehead that works with both original iPhone and the iPhone 3G.

What would be even cooler is if you could rig Steve Jobs the Bobblehead to say "Boom" every time you insert your iPhone into the dock.

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