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Iphone G4 Incident

Steve Jobs at D8 video: bloggers buying stolen iPhone HD/iPhone 4G property and extorting Apple

Steve Jobs comments on the lost/stolen iPhone HD/iPhone 4G prototype that turned up online. Jobs thinks it's an amazing story - theft, buying stolen property, extortion... he thinks there may be sex in there somewhere!

Jobs got a lot of advice saying he should let it slide, shouldn't go after a journalist because they (allegedly!) bought stolen property and tried to extort Apple. Jobs would rather quit. He considers it a matter of their core values.

Video after the break!

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iPhone HD/iPhone 4G "finder" turned in by roommate

When Apple engineer Gray Powell's prototype iPhone HD/iPhone 4G fell from his bag in a bar, it was "found" by Brian Hogan, and -- as it turns out now -- it was Hogan's roommate, Katherine Martinson, who turned Hogan in. Here's the gist, including Hogan's obvious effort to enter into karma receivership right from the start:

“Sucks for him,” Hogan allegedly told Martinson. “He lost his phone. Shouldn’t have lost his phone.”

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UPDATE: Second iPhone HD/iPhone 4G prototype, A4 chipset show up in pictures, teardown, video

Pictures and video of what appears to be a second "lost" Apple iPhone HD/iPhone prototype, this time including a tear down and A4 chipset

Another iPhone HD/iPhone 4G prototype has shown up on the internet and has been posed, torn-down, and shown off on video. This Taoviet prototype is similar to the Gizmodo prototype seen earlier in most respects, but is clearly labeled when it comes to storage -- 16GB -- and lacks the two screws on the bottom seen on the previous prototype as well as current iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS models.

Reportedly a Vietnamese businessman bought the 4th gen iPhone in the US for $4000 but how Apple lost control of it remains unknown. The screen looks stuck on a firmware test reading Inferno and calling itself Bonfire!, so no bootable iPhone OS 4 or special feature hints yet (sorry iChat video fans).

Unlike Gizmodo, Taoviet tore their prototype down to the system-on-chip (SoC) and the chipset looks to be an Apple A4 similar to the blazingly fast 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 and PowerVR SGX chip found in the iPad. (We're still holding some hope for a multicore Cortex A9, but we're never satisfied).

More pictures and video after the break!

UPDATE: iFixit sent us word that, based on analyzing the part numbers, it looks like this A4 chipset has the same amount of RAM as the iPad. 256MB. Drat.

[Taoviet via Macrumors, Engadget]

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UPDATED: iPhone HD/iPhone 4G "finder" found

While Gizmodo showed off a prototype iPhone HD/iPhone 4G just over a week ago, and revealed the identity of the Apple engineer who brought it to the now-infamous bar, the identity of the man who brought it from the bar to Gizmodo was not revealed -- until now.

An investigation by Wired involving (we kid you not), looking at social network posts and confirmed via a source (which was not revealed) led them to Brian J. Hogan, a 21-year-old resident of Redwood City, California who, through his lawyer, said:

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Police seize evidence in iPhone HD/iPhone 4G investigation

Exercising a search warrant last Friday, members of California's Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team seized evidence in the ongoing investigation into the iPhone HD/iPhone 4G that wound up outside of Apple's control and plastered all over the internet last week.

Gizmodo has the full account up, including the warrant, a response from Gawker legal, and their account of the events.


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Police investigating iPhone HD/iPhone 4G incident

The circumstances surrounding that iPhone HD/iPhone 4G prototype that surfaced online this week are now officially being looked into by local law enforcement:

Apple has spoken to local police about the incident and the investigation is believed to be headed by a computer crime task force led by the Santa Clara County district attorney's office, the source said. Apple's Cupertino headquarters is in Santa Clara County, about 40 miles south of San Francisco.

None of the parties directly involved have commented yet, and seriously we don't expect them to at this point since anything they say could literally be used against them.

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Leaked iPhone HD/iPhone 4G is near-production unit

In a larger article discussing the circumstances surrounding the iPhone HD/iPhone 4G that founds its way into Gizmodo's hands on Monday, Daring Fireball provides some interesting details about what just might be the near-final production unit:

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iPhone HD/iPhone 4G tear-down

Before giving the iPhone HD/iPhone 4G back to Apple, Gizmodo have done a tear-down and provided plenty of pictures of what they've found inside, including 50% of the space being taken up by the battery (which is not user-removable), and a drastically smaller, metal cased logic board. (Not to mention screws aplenty).

They didn't want to break open the board, so no word on whether it has an Apple A4 or related system-on-chip (SoC) like the iPad, or how much RAM is inside, and no word yet on NAND Flash storage capacity either.

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Regarding the iPhone HD/iPhone 4G hardware specs

Yesterday we looked at the iPhone HD/iPhone 4G design, today we look at what that design embodied -- the iPhone HD/iPhone 4G hardware and specs. A lot of what was revealed in the Engadget pics and Gizmodo hands-on seems to confirm past rumors, a lot more still remains a mystery. One thing's for certain -- as much as Apple jumpstarted the smartphone space in 2007 with the original iPhone 2G, the competition has blown past them when it comes to hardware specs to date. That changes in 2010 with the iPhone HD.

We'll cover the internals, the CPU and GPU, RAM and capacity in a future post, but in terms of what could easily be discerned so far, let's break it down as follows:

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Regarding the iPhone HD/iPhone 4G design

Based on everything we've seen to date, debate about what Engadget showed glimpses of on Sunday and Gizmodo went hands-on with on Monday is over -- it's a next-generation Apple iPhone HD (iPhone 4G). It might not be final hardware, but with the public unveiling expected to be in WWDC this June and the shipping date soon thereafter, it's close.

We'll go over the purported specs in a post to follow, but right now we're going to concentrate on the design. Some are complaining it doesn't look Apple-like, doesn't look like something that came out of the Star Trek-style labs of Apple SVP of design, Jonathan Ive. We thought so too at first, when all we had to go on were the pics of the initial post. We thought it looked like a Japanese knock-off. We were wrong. The pictures posted from the hands-on today were much clearer and they show lines that are much cleaner and a design much more in harmony with the other major releases Apple's done recently -- unibody MacBook Pro, 2009 iMac, 2010 iPad. Sure, they typically have subtle curves along one large surface -- back of the iMac, rear of the iPad, and this iPhone HD looks flat as a pancake, but the language is unmistakable. Mostly.

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