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Iphone Gps

Ongoing TomTom on iPhone Saga Goes On. And On.

Are you tired of hearing about whether or not we'll get actual, real, turn-by-turn GPS on the iPhone yet? You shouldn't be, because it's a killer feature that a lot of other smartphone platforms are justifiably proud of and the iPhone needs to get it, Apple's crazy rules be damned. At least, that's what we tell ourselves when we cover all this TomTom news, from "It's coming to iPhone" to "It's not coming."

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iPhone GPS, For Really Real

figure 1: what it is now and what they claim it will be

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TomTom GPS for iPhone?

Engadget has a story that shows the iPhone with a TomTom GPS module connected at the bottom, on the route to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Is it real or fake? No one can know for sure, but there's at least a possibility that it's real. The picture quality of the "proof" is horrid beyond measure; the JPEG compression artifacts are pretty much out of this world.

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