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Who wants to win a Jawbone ICON Bluetooth headset from TiPb? Here's how!

You've all read about our huge iPhone HD/iPhone 4G give-away, haven't you? You remember the part where store.imore.com is helping to pass the time until Apple actually ships the new hawt thing by giving away a great accessory every week?

Well, this week we're giving away a Jawbone ICON Bluetooth headset. It's top of the line folks (check out the video after the break!), and all you have to do to enter is head on over to our iPhone Contest Forum and make sure you enter your video link, comment on a video link, or comment on what you expect or think about the up coming, next generation iPhone.

Oh, and if you start a new, original iPhone HD/iPhone 4G-related thread, it counts as TWO entries. Boom.

Quality posts only please. Mods will delete any lameness "post to win" or spam on site.

We're picking this week's winner soon, so get over the iPhone Contest Forum and enter now!

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More white iPhone HD/iPhone 4G casing images leak out

Yes we have more white next-generation iPhone casing images that have leaked out and this time they come to us from Powerbook Medic. The site claims they received the casing from one of their parts suppliers.

We first saw evidence of a all white iPhone when images of the faceplate surfaced and then shortly there after the those were followed up by images of what appeared to be a fully assembled all-white iPhone. While a video of a all white iPhone in action would be nice, we suppose we can exercise some patience and wait until June 7th when Steve shows us both - black and white devices...

The source link below seems to be down as of this writing but we have one more image after the break!

[Powerbook Medic]

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TiPb 4th gen iPhone (iPhone HD/iPhone 4G) give-away!

TiPb is giving away a 4th generation iPhone!

That's right -- iPhone HD, iPhone 4G -- whatever Apple decides to call it, we're giving it away.

Here's the bottom line: you gotta make us a video telling us -- no, showing us -- why you should be the one who gets the 4th gen iPhone.

Make it funny. Make it scary. Make it silly. Make it out of this world, above and beyond awesome.

We want music, we want songs, we want skits, we want spoofs, we want action and adventure, we want drama and suspense, we want stop-motion animation and Blair Witch close-ups, we want tattoos and jello wrestling -- wait a minute, these are Kevin's notes! Bah! Never mind! -- we want the absolute best, most creative, most dazzling video you can make.

We want you to prove you're the one who deserves a 4th gen iPhone.

Watch the video below, then got to http://www.imore.com/contest to find out how to enter!

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Yet more iPhone HD/iPhone 4G parts on video

Okay, we've now seen almost everyone except for Steve Jobs show off the next generation iPhone HD/iPhone 4G on video. All that changes next Monday at the WWDC 2010 keynote, but until then, enjoy the continued greatest shot tease in tech...

Video after the break!

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Microscope confirms iPhone HD/iPhone 4G has 960x640 screen?

With the flood of iPhone HD/iPhone 4G prototypes and spare parts turning up it was only a matter of time before someone put the screen under a microscope and began counting pixels, and yes -- it looks to be the ultra-sharp 960x640 pixel display we've been drooling over for a while now.

It also looks to be an IPS panel like the iPad and latest generation iMacs, which means those glorious dots will have an equally glorious field of view.

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iPhone live! #101: You won't be disappointed

Steve Jobs keynoting WWDC 2010, White iPhone HD faceplates, more on iChat video, iPhone vs. Android, $97 iPhone 3GS, how do you push, iPhone at work, SSH tutorial, AT&T locks and etf, Chirpy, Bix, Groupon, and LinkedIn. Listen in!

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Apple had safer iPhone G4 prototypes incase iPhone HD was delayed?

Another page to be filed in our increasingly full "things analysts say which may or may not be so" drawer says Apple wasn't sure whether or not the N90 "iPhone HD" prototype would be ready to launch and so had a safer, more iPhone 3GS-like N91 in the wings:

On a side note, Apple initiated the iPhone 4G project at the end of 2008. According to our sources, Apple actually has another product codenamed N91 for the project, which offers less change from previous iPhones compared with the N90. It's a parallel product to back up the N90 in case there are major delays due to significant modifications in casing, display resolution, digital camera support and so forth.

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iPhone HD/iPhone 4G video iChat to be featured in commercial directed by Sam Mendes

Looks like Sam Mendes, director of American Beauty has been tapped to create some new iPhone HD/iPhone 4G commercials for Apple. Further, Engadget tipsters brings word that the device, known internally as the Mammoth N90, will have a mother and daughter highlighting its iChat video feature in at least one of the commercials.

While it's not unprecedented for cameras to disappear from final Apple release products (see iPod touch G3 and possibly iPad), the front-facing iChat video camera is looking like a surer bet every day.

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And cue the iPhone HD/iPhone 4G on Sprint rumors

With the iPhone HD/iPhone 4G just around the corner and all the talk about AT&T finally losing exclusivity, it only stands to reason rumors of Sprint getting the device would also start to grow louder.

Just like with Verizon and even T-Mobile's funky GSM bands, we're sure Apple could technologically do it, but whether or not they could come to financial terms -- and more important when is less predictable. Sprint isn't doing as well as Verizon or AT&T, however, so they might be far more open to the type of control Apple would insist upon to get the deal done.

If it does happen, count us among those who think a WWDC 2010 announcement is less likely, with AT&T getting a short period of exclusivity with Apple's 4th generation iPhone, and other US carriers coming online in the fall, red, yellow, and perhaps even magenta all.

And if not, hey, Sprint's still got that commercial -- re-embedded below the break -- to tide them over.


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iPhone HD/iPhone 4G to sport 960x640 IPS/FFS panel, 512MB RAM, 24 million units

Apple's 4th generation iPhone HD/iPhone 4G could be set to launch with a print magazine quality 960x640 in-plane switching (IPS), fringe-field switching (FFS) display, and a beefy 512MB of RAM according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo the in hit-and-miss industry trade, Digitimes.

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