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Iphone Hd

Fox News "Confirms" Rumored Jan 26 Apple Event, Focusing on "Mobility"

Fox News' Clayton Morris is upping the ante on the rumored January 26 Apple Media Event, not only saying it's the real deal, but that it will focus on "mobility":

I've spoken to a source inside Apple who confirmed a "big" event for January. While nothing official has been handed down from the notoriously tight-lipped company, my source took the Financial Times report one step further by saying this event will focus on the mobility space, meaning we'll see something related to the iPhone/iPod touch product line.

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TiPb Speculates: What if Apple Unveils iPhone 4.0 HD in January?

Given the rumors culminating today in the Tuesday, January 26th Special Media Event mother of all rumors, the speculation about the when is only compounded by the what, and on that raging inferno of fantasy, TiPb is once again wondering if maybe not only (or not even) an iTablet fits the bill -- but an iPhone 4.0 unveiled early in advance of an iPhone HD.

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iPhone 3GS Can Play Back 720p, 1080p Source Videos?

Can the iPhone 3GS play back 720p and even 1080p source videos, perhaps even output them to an HDTV? Looks like it might, according to WeiPhone.com who claim to have gotten just such functionality working via the FileAid app.

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TiPb's WWDC 2009 iPhone Predictions

What a difference a year makes. 2008 saw the introduction of iPhone SDK, iPhone 2.0, App Store, MobileMe, and iPhone 3G, the latter two of which were announced at WWDC and prefaced a worldwide rollout that broke Apple's conservative goal of shipping 10 million units.

We've seen iPhone 3.0, the changes to the SDK and App Store, and now on the eve of WWDC 2009 it's time to think about what else we just might see one year later, and -- according to Apple -- lightyears ahead.

No one knows exactly what Apple is going to do. They make the cold war Kremlin seem positively chatty by comparison. That doesn't mean we don't have rough ideas. See, Apple likes their patterns. They like showing iPods off in the fall, for example, and they seem to like June for showing off the iPhone. So, based on WWDC 2008, the iPhone 3.0 Sneak Preview, and the more consistent rumors since then, we might be able to draw some educated guesses as to how WWDC 2009 might play out...

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WWDC Tomorrow: iPhone 3GS?

While previous rumors had Apple announcing iPhone video tomorrow at WWDC 2009, Daring Fireball's John Gruber has just put up his predictions and, at least in code name form, they're going with "iPhone 3GS" -- though they don't offer what the "S" stands for...

In the past, Daring Fireball's predictions have at times seemed closer akin to inside information, so it's worth paying attention to. In terms of specs, Gruber is sticking with what he previously predicted:

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iPhone 3.0: What it Means for Original iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, and 3rd Gen iPhones

Tomorrow is WWDC 2009. We'll no doubt get a second preview of iPhone 3.0 and hopefully a release date to go along with it -- if not the actual release itself.

We've done our best to cover iPhone 3.0, both through our massive and continuously updated iPhone 3.0 Beta Walkthrough, and our ongoing iPhone 3.0 blog posts. But what will that release -- tomorrow, later this week, or later this "summer" -- mean for current owners of the 2007 original iPhone 2G and the 2008 iPhone 3G, never mind the 2009 iPhone... whatever it ends up being called.

Let's take a look!

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Craziest iPhone Rumors Yet -- With Flowers and Fluffy Bunnies!

The WWDC Keynote is tomorrow. Phil Schiller and Apple Execs take the stage as Moscone to update us on iPhone 3.0 and -- hopefully! -- announce iPhone 2,1 hardware (iPhone video in the latest rumors).

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Yet Another Possible 3rd Gen iPhone?!

Yeah, we're suffering just as much anticipointment over all these possible maybe blurry photoshopped "leaks" of the 3rd gen iPhone as you are. But the wait for WWDC's Monday keynote -- for the real answers! -- is just about driving us batty anyway, so we might as well distract ourselves.

Engadget grabbed this one from Nowhere Else. How does it grab your?

[Thanks to @jeffdc5 for the tip!]

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TiPb Presents: iPhone Live! #14 -- Redux!

Join Chad and Rene for... what else? iPhone 3.0 and 3rd generation iPhone, WWDC 2009, and the 'splosion of news and rumors. Full show notes to follow a bit later, we wanted to push this out to ya!

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Saturday Fun Leaks: Is this the 16x9 iPhone video?

We get leaked third generation iPhone pictures. Not all of them are compelling enough to post or link to, but every once and a while, something comes in that fires off the old brainstorms. See above.

This one was sent to us by Emanuel who said simply, "Hello, this is leaked Photo of the iPhone video coming out June 9."

Date aside -- how tall is that screen now? Quite a bit taller than the current iPhones and iPods touch. We've heard rumors of a repositioned ear piece before, and this could certainly be a reason for it.

Not only is it taller, however, it's also exactly 16x9, that magical widescreen video ration the current iPhone achieves by letter-boxing, and what the Zune HD will have by going with a slimmer 272x480 display.

Apple can't cut pixels -- it would play havoc with all those 40,000ish apps that count on every single one of the current 320x480. Assuming Apple adds to them then, we'll be looking at 320x570.

Adding pixels wouldn't create the same problem for developers, since current apps would still fit on the wider screen. However, instead of having to letter-box video as much (some video is even wider than 16x9), Apple would suddenly be letter-boxing (or pillar-boxing) everything else. That doesn't sound like Apple.

We'll speculate after the break!

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