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iPhone 4 international speed tests

You know the drill -- iPhone 4 just went on sale in 17 additional countries so hit up your favorite speed test (I used the speedtest.net app) and let us know how the new HSUPA (high speed upload) radio is treating you.

(And if you're in the US and have just gotten yours fixed, let us know how that's working as well).

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Apple selling SIM-free (Unlocked) international iPhones

As the UK and France Apple Online Stores come back up and start taking iPhone 4 pre-orders again, it's worth noting that Apple is actually offering them SIM-free in those countries. That's right -- unlocked:

When you purchase your iPhone from the Apple Online Store, you’ll get it SIM-free. So you can sign up for service with the carrier of your choice and change your carrier at any time.

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53,000 Pre-orders -- South Koreans Can't Wait to Get Their iPhones!

Pre-orders for Apple's iPhone, set to debut in South Korea Saturday, have already hit 53,000 on carrier KT Corp. With a market of over 400,000 smartphone users and 47 million handset holders in general, and entrenched local competitors like Samsung and LG, AP quotes the former as saying it thinks Apple will "invigorate" things.

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iPhone Going Virgin Mobile in Canada

While the US continues to enjoy one single iPhone carrier, Canada is about to welcome their 4th (or 5th if you count Rogers subsidiary Fido as a separate carrier), and that carrier is Virgin Mobile:

Virgin Mobile Canada will launch iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS in Virgin Mobile Retail Stores and online in Canada in the coming months. For more information on iPhone, please visit.

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Do Other Countries Lose Out on Apps Because of AT&T Policies?

Mike Ash (via Marco.org) makes this point following the FCC responses today:

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Apple and China Unicom Finally Maybe Potentially Have an iPhone Deal. Possibly.

CNN Money's Fortune blog is rounding up news about a potential Apple deal with China Unicom to finally bring the iPhone to China.

The story is this: Shanghai Security News reported a 3-year deal for China Unicom's 600+ million subscriber base. China Unicom's spokesperson told Reuters:

"Discussions are still ongoing, we have not reached any formal agreement,"

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iPhone 3.0 "ChinaBrick" Reference Connected to China Mobile Demands for Disabling Wi-Fi and 3G?

In a move designed to make even notorious Wi-Fi stripper Verizon seem liberal by comparison, China Mobile's outstanding demand that Apple strip the iPhone of both Wi-Fi and 3G if they want to sell to the worlds largest carrier just got an uncomfortable shot of "maybe" via Apple Insider:

while there's no concrete information to suggest Apple would agree to make such concessions, references to "ChinaBrick" discovered in betas of iPhone Software 3.0 leave room for debate.

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iPhone International: Orange Ousted, Arabia Impending

2008 has come and gone and Apple is still adding regions and carriers to their iPhone 3G rollout. This time it's the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia according to Macworld:

UAE-based provider Emirates Telecommunications—aka "Etisalat"—will be selling the iPhone and providing service to both countries "later this month." The deal was announced in an advertisement in an English-language paper in the region.

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iPhone 3G International: Stage 3 Begins Sept. 26!

Apple said they would release the iPhone 3G in over 70 countries this year. They started off with 22 way back on July 11, added another 22 in August 22, and now it looks like they're planning on adding 29 more to the party starting September 26. According to Apple Insider, these include:

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