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Iphone Jeopardy

iPhone Jeopardy Rerun: Ballmer, Lazaridis, and Colligan Edition!

This. Is. iPhone JEOPARDY!... Judges Round!

Way back on March 14 we covered some of the bold, bodacious pontifications the CEOh-no's of Microsoft, RIM, and Palm had made about the iPhone. Quick-on-the-buzzer as always, it's time once again to go back to our judges and see how they did!

"Why We're Not Worried about the iPhone" for 100

Ed Colligan:

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RIM Shot: iPhone Jeopardy Update!

We interrupt this episode of RIM, Lose or Draw? for a quick iPhone JEOPARDY update!

Last time, Blackberry "pusher", and outage-plugger extraordinaire Mike Lazaridis took "Post SDK Over-Reactions" for a thousand:

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Great Googley: iPhone Jeopardy Bonus Round!

Just when you thought it was safe to switch to WinMob of Misfortune, iPhone JEOPARDY is back with a bonus round!

Joining us via lifeline is Google Android, first among Linux vaporOS's (sorry Nova, Access, and OpenMoko!) and fresh from CEO Eric Schmidst's latest iPhone briefing at Apple's Board of Directors meeting, we give you the suddenly chatty group manager for mobile platforms, Rich Miner:

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CEOh-Snap! RIM Boss Plays iPhone Jeopardy

This. Is. iPhone JEOPARDY!

Welcome everyone to the smartphone space where competing CEO's answer in nothing resembling the form of a question. Lucky for us, however, they're quick on the buzzer and their bold, bodacious pontifications, more often than not, come right back to bite them on their assets.

"Why We're Not Worried about the iPhone" for 100

Previously on iPhone Jeopardy, smartphone innovator and Folio-smasher, Ed Colligan of Palm/Treo fame jumped on the iPhone launch:

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