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Iphone Keyboard

Does the iPhone Need a Hardware Keyboard?

When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone back at Macworld 2007, he prefaced the introduction by saying what was wrong with current not-so-smartphones -- the hardware keyboard. They don't go away when you don't need them. They don't change if you switch from text entry to bitmap editing, for example, And if you come up with a great idea later, you can't go back an add an extra button.

Now it's 2009 and Apple has released the iPhone 3GS, yet many people, including notable technologists, have called the lack of a physical keyboard a deal-breaker.

Is it? Let's take a look after the break.

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Tip o' the Week: Keyboard Shortcuts

It took a little while for me to get used to the iPhone's "soft" keyboard -- large hands + tiny keyboard = baby elephant playing piano.  Even though I've become rather proficient with the iPhone's keyboard, I'm always on the prowl for anything that will help with my speed and accuracy.  This week's Tip is all about some keyboard shortcuts, brought to you by and with special thanks to George by way of Adam Pash's article at lifehacker.com.  Keep reading for some helpful keyboard Tips (and check out Adam's article for yourself)!

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iPohen Kyeobard Erorr Raets: Esaily Duobel

A study has been performed about the error rates of mobile keyboards. The three keyboards picked were the iPhone virtual software keyboard, QWERTY keyboards (like those on BlackBerries and Treos), and T9 numeric keypads. iPhone users erred at a rate of 5.6 errors per message, T9 users erred at a rate of 2.6 errors per message, and QWERTY users erred at a rate of 2.1 errors per message. The test was done with 20 folks in each group, and the iPhone owners had to have used their device for at least a month to qualify as eligible.

There are some doozies in the press release:

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