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iphone repairs

How to fix a broken charge port on an iPhone 5

If your iPhone 5 isn't charging anymore, here's how to fix it!

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Apple extends sleep button repair program for iPhone 5

Apple is extending their repair program for sleep/wake buttons on the iPhone 5 by another year.

The program, which began in April 2014, first covered iPhone 5 models for two years after the first retail sale of the phone.

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How to fix a blown loud speaker on your iPhone 5

If your iPhone 5 doesn't produce any sound when you're playing music, receiving alerts, or talking on speakerphone, you could have a bad loud speaker. Symptoms could also include crackling sounds, distorted sound, or any other sound problem that only seems to happen when speakerphone is enabled. If you're out of warranty and want to attempt to repair your iPhone yourself in order to save some cash, follow along and we'll carefully walk you through each step!

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Apple begins repair process for faulty iPhone 5 sleep buttons

Head into the iMore Forums and you'll find a few threads about the sleep/wake button not working properly on the iPhone 5. Don't worry, you're not alone. Apple has acknowledged that a small percentage of iPhone 5 users will experience a situation where the sleep/wake button mechanism will not work. Thankfully, Apple has a new replacement program in place to get you sorted. Details after the break.

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AppleCare changes may extend in-store repair options to iOS devices

For a long time, the only devices Apple has ever extensively serviced in-store have been Macs, with some requiring mail-out repairs. If recent rumors are to be believed as true, Apple plans on extending in-store repair options to iOS devices. According to a report by AppleInsider, Apple will begin actually repairing iPhones and iPads in-store instead of swapping them out for replacement refurbished devices in the very near future.

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