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Iphone Sales

iPhone sales up 50% in the UK, because it's never been more affordable to buy one

During yesterdays Q3 2013 earnings conference call, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that the sales of iPhone were up 50% on the same quarter in 2012 for the UK. Whichever way you look at it that's an impressive number. Granted, a year ago folks may have been holding off for the then traditional summer new release, but I don't think that's all there is to it. With three models of iPhone to choose from here, all of which are available with carrier subsidies, it's never been more affordable to get onto an iPhone.

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Tim Cook reportedly wants to boost iPhone sales at Apple retail, teases a bevy of new products for fall

Apple Stores will reportedly be changing how they market and sell the iPhone, in hopes that more phones will be sold through their own Apple Store retail locations. This according to comments Tim Cook was said to have made at Apple's annual retail leadership gathering. Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac:

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Apple becomes top-selling phone manufacturer in Japan

According to recent market surveys, Apple has become the top-selling phone manufacturer in Japan. The iPhone was the best-selling phone in Japan in 2012, allowing Apple to capture 15% market share. This puts them just ahead of Sharp and Fujitsu, both Japanese firms and both holding 14% of the market. Counterpoint Technology Market Research believes that the increase in iPhone sales was due to heavier marketing by KDDI and Softbank, Japan’s second- and third-largest carriers, respectively:

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AT&T announces Q4 2012 results, sold 10.2 million smartphones, 8.6 million of which were iPhones

AT&T has announced their Q4 2012 financial results, and out of a record 10.2 million smartphones sold, a record 8.6 million were iPhones. AT&T chairman and CEO, Randall Stephenson said:

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Apple reports Q2 2012 results, 35.1 million iPhones, 11.8 million iPads, 7.7 million iPods, $11.6 billion in profit

Apple has once again reported record profits for Q2 2012, earning $39.2 billion for a quarterly net profit of $11.6 billion. iPhone sales held strong with 35.1 million iPhones sold and 11.8 million iPads, and iPod limping along with 7.7 million iPods. 4 million Macs rounded out the major product lines.

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Apple still not making enough iPhones to meet demand, will have enough for Verizon

During the Q1 2011 financial results call, while stating 16.24 million iPhones were sold, Apple once again said they could have sold more if they'd been able to produce them. Having increased production from 14 million to 16 million, they're still "boldly" investing in ramping things up.

With the Verizon iPhone now announced, Cook added that Apple is working hard to get them into the hands of everyone who wants them.

Anyone care to guess what the Verizon numbers are going to do to overall iPhone sales?

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$20.34 billion, 14.1 million iPhones, 4.19 million iPads, 9.05 million iPods in Q4 2010

Apple has just announced their Q4 2010 earnings, stated at $20.34 billion and including $20.34 billion, 14.1 million iPhones, 4.19 million iPads, 9.05 million.

“We are blown away to report over $20 billion in revenue and over $4 billion in after-tax earnings—both all-time records for Apple,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “iPhone sales of 14.1 million were up 91 percent year-over-year, handily beating the 12.1 million phones RIM sold in their most recent quarter. We still have a few surprises left for the remainder of this calendar year.”

Those numbers represent a nuclear level boom, even by Apple standards. Now about those surprises...?

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AT&T activates 3.2 million iPhones in Q3

Hot on the heels of Apple's 8.4 million iPhones sold in Q3, AT&T announces a record-breaking 3.2 million of those were activated on their network. Their churn levels were lower than ever as well, 1.01 percent postpaid churn and 1.29 percent total churn, and the all-important ARPU (average monthly revenues per subscriber) up 3.4 percent.

On June 24, AT&T began offering iPhone 4, the most powerful iPhone yet. Preorder sales of iPhone 4 were 10 times higher than the first day of preordering for iPhone 3GS a year earlier. For the full second quarter, AT&T iPhone activations totaled 3.2 million, the most quarterly iPhone activations ever. Approximately 27 percent of those activations were for customers who were new to AT&T.

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8.7 Million iPhones Sold in Q1 2010 -- Apple Financial Results

Apple today announced their Q1 2010 financial results, covering the all-important holiday quarter, with 8.7 million iPhones sold, and a 55% increase in iPod touch sales. Total revenue was $15.68 billion, and cash-on-hand is now approaching a whopping 39.8 billion! Says CEO, Steve Jobs:

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Apple Music Event by the Numbers: 30M iPhones, 20M iPod touches, 75K Apps, 1.8B Downloads

During the t's only rock and roll, but we like it special music event, as usual, Apple spent some time up front discussing numbers. And as is increasingly usual when it comes to the music leg of their business, those numbers tend towards the HUGE. To date:

  • 30 million iPhones sold
  • 20 million iPod touches sold

That makes 50 million iPhone OS X platform device on the market, up from 45 million on July 21.

  • 75,000 apps in the iTunes App Store
  • 1.8 billion downloads (not counting updates)

Still no breakdown of paid vs. free, but up from 3,000 this time last year, and 65,000 and 1.5 billion back on July 14.

In terms of games, compared with other mobile platforms, here's the library count:

  • 21,178 for Apple iPhone/iPod touch
  • 3,680 for Nintendo DS
  • 607 for Sony PSP

But wait, there's more...

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