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Apple offers free replacement program for defective iPhone 5 batteries

Apple is now offering a free replacement battery program for select iPhone 5 models that may come with a defective battery. Those units either experience shortened battery life or require more frequent charging, according to Apple. If you think your phone is affected, you should visit the Apple support page in the source link to check your serial number and see if it qualifies for free battery replacement.

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AppleCare+ program raises iPhone deductibles, adds iPods, and launches in select European countries

Apple has just made some updates to their AppleCare+ program including making the service available for iPod touch and iPod classic owners. Most notably, the deductible for a broken iPhone replacement will be increased from the current $49 per incident to $79. AppleCare+ plans are also now available in select European countries. From what we can see, for now that includes France, Italy, and the UK.

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Apple pulls AppleCare protection plans from Apple stores and authorized resellers in Italy

Apple has pulled AppleCare protection plans off their retail store shelves in Italy as well as advising authorized resellers not to offer them any further. Due to warranty protection set in place by the EU, Apple had recently faced the possibility of a temporary ban on their products in Italy. As of now, the only way for Italian customers to purchase AppleCare protection plans is online.

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