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Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel demonstrates that the average person doesn't know smartphones that well

Bust out the haterade, dust off your iSheep macro keys, and wind up for some general hating of Apple fans, it's video time! Last night, on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the late night variety show took to the streets of Hollywood to ask people about the iPhone 5. The new iPhone isn't out yet, and your average Angelenos likely hasn't seen one yet, let alone read all of the news about the iPhone 5 (especially just the hours after it was announced, when this segment was filmed).

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Friday Fun Video Jimmy Kimmel Auto-Tunes T-Pain & Obama on the iPhone

Oh yes, Jimmy Kimmel brought'n'd'ed it with this I Am T-Pain for the iPhone mash-up featuring T-Pain himself, President Obama, and auto-tune.

Warning: there are some things you can never un-watch!

I am T-Pain developer, Smule, also let us know they're running a "I'm on a Boat" contest, so if you want to get your own auto-tune on, check it out.

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