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iPhone 3G: What We Didn't Get (Wait-a-Thon)

Here at TiPb we’ve covered 10 things we thought Apple needed to fix in the next iPhone. With the anticipation of the iPhone 3G, the rumor mill went crazy with things like video conferencing, different models, etc. all but confirmed at one point in time. We even ran a bunch of our own predictions.

And well the Jobsnote was yesterday, and though we got the biggies: 3G, GPS, flush headphone jack, and a $199 price point, but we also missed out on a lot of stuff we thought we would be getting already.

Read on to see what we didn't get in the iPhone 3G!

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3G Rumor: iPhone 3G to Hit AT&T June 19th?

Adding further fuel to the fire that Apple Inc. will drop the 3G bomb on June 9th, during CEO Steve Jobs' Keynote address, InfoSyncWorld is claiming that, once announced, the 2nd generation iPhone will be made available via AT&T roughly 10 days later, on approximately the 18th or 19th.

InfoSyncWorld further speculates on HSDPA, GPS, Mobile TV, and other oft-cited iPhone 3G rumors.

And with the time left before WWDC growing shorter and shorter, when it comes to speculation and rumors, no doubt we ain't seen nothing yet!


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WWDC Sold Out

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Steven "the Hannah Montana of Tech" Jobs!

No sooner did Apple official announce that their iConic CEO would once again be keynoting the 2008 World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) then the event sold out. First time in history.

(Of course the odd rumor here or there about the release of some doohickey called the iPhone 3G might also have something to do with it as well...)

Don't have your tickets yet? Not to worry! The Jobsnote will no doubt be available via and iTunes, the latter of which will also be posting videos of the sessions for ADC members post-event.

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Jobsnote Confirmed for WWDC

We all knew it was coming. How could it not? Steve Jobs' keynotes are the legendary, iWork-app defining, AOL Data Center crashing, prediction proliferating, rumor piling, blog bursting, universe denting tech events of our time. But now Apple has gone and made it all nice and official-like:

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