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Joe Hewitt

Debug 27: Joe Hewitt on Facebook and gardening

Joe Hewitt talks to Guy and Rene about 100% time at AOL, building Facebook for iPhone, the freedom of the web, and soil-based startups.


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Developers weigh in on Android vs. iOS openness

Former Facebook for iPhone developer Joe Hewitt has weighed in on the Steve Jobs re-ignited "openness" debate with a cogent argument that Android isn't much more open than iOS, at least not in the true spirit of the term. Here's what he posted (mostly via Twitter for iPad, for those keeping track at home):

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Former Facebook for iPhone Developer Joe Hewitt Says iPad "Everything He's Been Wishing For"

Joe Hewitt, who developed the awesome Facebook 3.0, but controversially (and some would say detrimentally) left the iPhone platform before Facebook 3.1 over the App Store review process, has come out extremely positively about the iPad:

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iPhone Facebook App Developer Says Goodnight and Good Luck

Joe Hewitt, the developer who saw the Facebook App for iPhone and iPod touch to version 3.0, and the cusp of 3.1 (which promised/threatened push notifications), has thrown us the Twitter-equivalent of a curve-ball:

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