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iPhone & iPad Live 292: Yoga pantless

Georgia, Seth, and Rene discuss low Siri usage levels, whether iOS 6 needs a new Home screen, Notification Center do not disturb, Pandora vs Slacker vs Spotify shootout, Quasar, BIG JAMBOX, and the iPhone bra. This is iPhone & iPad Live!

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JoeyBra lets ladies carry their iPhones safely and discreetly while dancing the night away

The pitch for this one was simple -- girls just want to have fun dancing the night away without having to keep track of a purse or a coat, but they still want a place to safely stash their iPhone, credit cards, IDs and key. Enter the JoeyBra. It has discreet pockets on the side that, if you're wearing the appropriate night club attire, you can easily slip your iPhone out of for a quick call or text, and slip right back in when you're again ready to rock.

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