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Iterate 5: 1Password

Marc, Seth, and Rene iterate through the Grid UI, Adobe’s new Muse, ellipses in app names, exporting hundreds of images, Retina graphics for iPad 3, and new Foursquare and LinkedIn looks, and talk with Dan V. Peterson of 1Password maker AgileBits. This is Iterate!

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iPhone Live 166: JooJooPhone

Rene and Georgia are joined by Chris/Bla1ze from and Android Central to talk iPhone 5, iOS 5 beta 5, can the new BlackBerrys compete, and Facebook Messenger for iPhone. This is iPhone Live!


  • Rene Ritchie (@reneritchie)
  • Georgia (@GeorgiaTiPb)
  • Seth Clifford (@sethclifford)
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    TabCo (Fusion Garage) announces Grid 10 (JooJoo2) and Grid 4 (JooJooPhone)

    In what has to be one of the greatest keynotes of all time, replete with canned applause and canned questions, TabCo Fusion Garage announced the JooJoo2 Grid 10 tablet, and a Grid 4 smartphone.

    They're built on an Android foundation but with their own proprietary GridOS layer on top of it, and are doing this, they say, because Android might not really be popular, it might just be the only alternative... for now. In other words, they're position Grid as the best user experience alternative to iPhone and iPad.

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    Microsoft kills Courier, HP kills Windows 7 Slate, Fusion Garage lets JooJoo suffer

    Two would-be Microsoft-based competitors pre-emptively bit the dust yesterday -- both Microsoft's own Courier and HP's Windows 7 Slate are no more, and it's fairly safe to say a third, Fusion Garage's JooJoo, is being kept alive on life support for now. all this follows 500,000+ opening week iPad Wi-Fi sales for Apple, and comes on the eve of the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G release.

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    TiPb Presents... iPhone Live! #79 -- Lala JooJoo!

    Join Chad, Rene, and Georgia for Apple buys Lulu, CrunchPad becomes JooJoo, more AT&T/Verizon ad silliness, iTablet, iPhone developer RSS, and your questions answered! Listen in!

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    Mythical iTablet Competitor CrunchPad Undead -- JooJoo Coming for $500

    The CrunchPad has crashed and burned amid antics and accusations worthy of the silliest TV legal dramas (Denny Crane!), but from its ashes has risen might rise the JooJoo. No, really, that's what they're calling it because it's magic.

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