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Apple iTunes Music Streaming Service Unlikely to Launch Prior to 3rd Quarter of This Year

CNET is reporting that Apple is planning to unveil their iTunes music streaming service at least by the third quarter of this year. After Apple acquired Lala back in December, it was rumored that the company was entertaining the idea of a streaming music service that would allow users to back-up and access their music library from any device with internet connectivity.


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iPhone 2.0 Firmware Details, Available July

iPhone firmware 2.0 was detailed in WWDC with some rumored features finally seeing the day of light. Features include:

  • iWork and Office document viewing
  • Save images from E-Mail directly to photo library
  • Contact Search
  • E-Mail/SMS Bulk Delete & Move
  • Scientific Calculator when switched to Landscape Mode in Calculator
  • Support for a TON of languages including Chinese, Japanese

On top of those features, Jobs detailed enterprise support for mass distribution of apps (up to 100 authorized iPhones) and also unveiled a new push notification system for apps that would use it (such as IM clients).

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