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Ken Segall

Steve Jobs considered taking the 'pro' out of Apple's products to make everyone more powerful

Steve Jobs once considered canceling Apple's "pro" products, the niche hardware and software aimed at higher-end power users, in an attempt to make Macs more productive for everybody. This according to former Apple advertising guru Ken Segall, who wrote on his Observatory:

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Former Apple ad man thinks the iPhone's naming convention needs to change

Since 2008 Apple has introduced a new iPhone design one year and then followed it up with an S-variant the next. iPhone 3G was followed by iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 was followed by iPhone 4S. It's gotten to the point where many people are already assuming the next iPhone will be the iPhone 5s. Almost a month ago Rene wrote an article examining whether this iPhone 5s assumption could become a problem for Apple, and pointed out some ways Apple might already be moving to solve that problem. Now Apple's former ad guru, Ken Segall -- who was responsible for naming the iMac -- has shared some of his own thoughts on the matter:

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Former Apple ad man talks Mobi, Tripod, and other rejected names for what ultimately became the iPhone

The iPhone could have gone by a number of other names, according to former Apple advertising lead Ken Segall. Segall, at an event at the University of Arizona, listed several alternative names for the iPhone that Apple was mulling around, and the reasoning behind each of them. Those names were “Mobi”, “Tripod”, “Telepod”, and “iPad”. Of these possible names, Segall revealed that “Tripod” was under serious consideration for a while. 9to5Mac reports:

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Steve Jobs wanted to plant golden ticket with millionth iMac, give winner a tour of Apple in Willy Wonka garb

According to yet another Steve Jobs biography, Apple's late CEO wanted to hide a golden ticket with an iMac computer and fly the winner out to Cupertino for a tour of the facilities. Jobs said he would even wear the Willy Wonka outfit for the whole thing.

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Insanely Simple - A new insider book covering Steve Jobs and Apple's success

A new book titled Insanely Simple - The Obsession That Drives Apple’s Success from Ken Segall will be hitting the shelves soon. If you're not familiar with the name Ken Segall, then you may be more familiar with his website. Segall runs the popular Scoopertino parody blog and his personal blog, Observatory and has a history of working with Apple, having been Apple’s agency creative director for many years, and working directly with Steve Jobs. Most notably, he was also involved with Apple's Think Different ad campaign and the naming of the iMac.

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