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Kent's Weekly Rant

Phone Different Podcast 27

Let's Rock, iTunes 8, iPhone 2.1 update, and of course, an extended rant [ED: with some cussin', beware!] on the App Store debacle. Tune in!

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Kent's Weekly Rant: Episode 3

In all the years I have covered mobile technology, I’ve never seen any single device have such a polarizing effect, or invoke such heated emotional debate in the backwater bars and pubs of the online gadget community, as iPhone has. Make no mistake; there is no middle ground to stand on, no comfort zone. You’re either an iPhone lover or a hater. Many, if not most, outspoken critics love iPhone. But to some the very thought of casting an approving eye or complimentary remark on Apple’s beloved black slab is akin to publicly condoning Michael Vick’s dog fighting hobbies.

Well I say NUTS! to all the haters out there. The time has come to put this argument to rest once and for all. Let me illustrate why you should embrace Apple’s ambitious efforts and love , yes LOVE the iPhone.

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Kent's Weekly Rant: Episode 2

On Tuesday Apple released a system update for iPhone that claims to have fixed a number of undisclosed bugs. Like nearly every other iJunkie I eagerly plunged into the installation process, anxious to learn what performance tweaks might await. My initial hope was the unrelenting Mail issue I lamented about had been fixed in this release, and I think some have. But not all.

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Kent's Weekly Rant: Episode 1

Welcome to the first installment of what will be a new weekly column. Each Friday I will vent my anger and frustration at one lucky company, or broad range of topics. So sit back, relax, pop some popcorn, and watch as I descend in a frenzy of incoherent ravings.

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