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CASE:Lynk iPhone case with integrated charge and sync cable hits Kickstarter

The CASE:Lynk has just arrived on Kickstarter and it is basically a case for your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S with the added feature of an integrated sync and charge cable. The CASE:Lynk has been designed for moments when your iPhone is woefully short of battery power and you get the opportunity to plug it in then realize you don’t have a cable with you. With the CASE:Lynk you will never have that problem again.

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Foundation Dock hits Kickstarter, a strong and flexible docking solution for iPhone

The Foundation Dock has arrived on Kickstarter and looks to provide a docking solution for your iPhone that is quite different to anything else currently available. The dock has a very strong flexible cable which is there to allow you to easily position your iPhone in any viewing angle that suits you. It can be twisted and bent into just about any shape and locked into position to give your iPhone the ultimate support.

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Bloombox natural iPhone amplifier dock doubles as a fancy planter

If you like quirky designs and love your iPhone then this particular Kickstarter project may be just up your street. Say hello to Bloombox, no that’s not a typo, it’s a play on words to pretty much describe exactly what this project is about. It’s first and foremost a charging dock for your iPhone but also offers an acoustic amplifier through It’s simplistic hollow square framed design along with a place to plant a few bits of greenery.

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Martian watch lets you control your iPhone with voice commands and Siri

Since the phenomenal success of the Pebble smart watch on Kickstarter, a few other designers have seen the huge interest it generated and decided to start looking at their own ideas for a smart watch. One of those ideas has now appeared on Kickstarter and instead of a smart watch that is all about the display, this one is all about voice control from your wrist.

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Pebble E-Paper watch gets a user interface demo but still no news on a release date

You may recall the Pebble E-Paper watch that launched on Kickstarter earlier this year and managed to get over $10 million worth of pledges. Well the guys have released an update on its progress along with a demonstration of the user interface that you can expect to see if you were one of the successful backers.

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Safe & Sound case looks to pump up the volume of your iPad

The Safe & Sound is an iPad case that looks to increase the volume of your iPad speaker. It hopes to make listening to music, making FaceTime calls or anything else that you may need the external speaker for a much better experience. The Safe & Sound has just appeared on Kickstarter and is looking for funding to make the case a reality.

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Bladepad iPhone gamepad seeks Kickstarter funding, looks to change your iPhone gaming experience

The Bladepad is an iPhone case / Gamepad combo that is currently seeking funding from Kickstarter. It consists of an easily removable iPhone case complete with a clip on gamepad that includes two joysticks, a D-Pad and many buttons to enhance your iPhone gaming experience.

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MetaWatch Strata, another smart watch looking for Kickstarter funding

The MetaWatch Strata is currently looking for funding via the hugely popular Kickstarter program. The Project looks similar to the Pebble watch that took Kickstarter by storm earlier in the year and offers some very nice integration with your iPhone 4S.

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Add Bluetooth wireless streaming to your existing speaker dock with the Pear Kickstarter project

The Pear is a simple accessory for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that turns your existing speaker dock into a Bluetooth enabled speaker system. When you plug your iPhone into a speaker dock or stereo interface, the first thing you have to do is manually start playing the music you want to listen to. You then realize you need to send an SMS message or check an email that just came in so you have to take it out of the dock and the music stops.

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Give your iPhone a BlackBerry-style physical keyboard with Spike TypeSmart, now on Kickstarter

The Spike TypeSmart keyboard case for iPhone looks to address the age-old argument of the hardware keyboard being a better way to input text than a software keyboard, and it looks to do so by offering you the best of both worlds. The Spike gives iPhone users a hardware keyboard which is part of a hard case. Depending on the model, the Spike keyboard can either be switched simply flipped around to use, and then switched or flipped back to discreetly store the keyboard at the rear of the case when not required. The project is now up for backing on Kickstarter.

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