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Kill Apps

How to quit and kill (force quit) apps in iOS 7

From iOS 4 to iOS 6 you killed apps (force quit) apps by double clicking the Home button, holding down on the icons in the fast app switcher tray until they jiggled, and then tapped the X to shut them down. Now there's not fast app switcher any more, there a card view, and holding down creates no jiggles and presents no X. So how do you kill apps in the new, carded, iOS 7 world?

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SwitcherCleaner helps clean up the multitasking Fast App Switcher [Jailbreak]

SwitcherCleaner is new jailbreak mod in Cydia that changes the behavior of the multitasking Fast App Switcher to only show apps that are actually running in the background, and keeps the quit button visible at all times.

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