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less expensive iphone

Why iPhone 4C didn't make sense but iPhone 5C just might

It's my understanding Apple's been considering the release of a less expensive iPhone 5c-type product since at least 2009/2010, but the economics and conditions back then made them go with - and stick with - the older-model-at-reduced-price model instead. Rumors are building that this year might be the year they change strategies and flip that particular product switch. So why now? The simplest answer would seem to be that the economics and conditions have changed. Like I said back in January, for Apple, less expensive doesn't mean cheap. However, less expensive can mean a larger, more unified addressable market. John Gruber on Daring Fireball caught an important part I missed:

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How will Google's attempt to devalue hardware hurt Apple?

With Google’s recent release of the updated Nexus 7 tablet at $229, a lot of comparisons have been made between it and other low priced tablets on the market. It sure seems like Google wants to put pressure on vendors to offer solid specs with affordable price tags for consumers. After all, this helps sell more devices, and that increases the potential market for Google services, which is where the search giant makes its profit. This isn't dissimilar to how the race-to-the-bottom in App Store pricing has commoditized software, which benefits Apple's hardware-centric revenue model. But it does prompt the question, will it force down prices, or catalyze a price war, such that nobody really makes any money on hardware? And if so, what will become of Apple's business model?

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iPhone 5C once again rumored to be the name of Apple's rumored upcoming less expensive, more colorful iPhone

iPhone 5c is once again being rumored as the name for Apple's rumored less expensive iPhone which, if said rumors are accurate, would not only sport a plastic back but a colorful new plastic back. That's right, iPhonechromatic! This time it's Jay Yarow of Business Insider doing the reporting:

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Chinese labour report references less expensive iPhone production

It's nowhere nearly like leaving a prototype in a bar, but if proven accurate, a Chinese labor report potentially leaking information about an announced, less expensive iPhone, certainly won't make Apple happy. First noticed by Jony Evans of Computer World, the report includes:

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Packaging labeled 'iPhone 5C' shows up in China, leads to more color iPhone speculation

Packages with the branding "iPhone 5c" have shown up in China, which indicate nothing more than someone, potentially Apple, potentially a knock-off company, has manufactured some boxes that read "iPhone 5c" on them. That would be C as in "Color", and likely refer to the rumored less expensive iPhone. All we know right now, however, is that someone posted it on the WeiPhone forums. But here's the thing:

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Analyzing - and sorting - purported iPhone 5S and less expensive iPhone parts

So far we've seen several purported part leaks for both the iPhone 5s - or whatever Apple calls the 2013 generation iPhone - and the heavily rumored less expensive iPhone model. Riki Baker over at mendmyi managed to get his hands on one of the supposed "budget" iPhone housings and found that certain components previously assumed to be for the iPhone 5s might actually belong to a "budget" iPhone instead. Here's why:

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Plastic iPhone shell shows up again, goes side by side with current products

The alleged low-cost, plastic iPhone continues to be a thing, and well known YouTuber DetroitBORG has managed to obtain one of the shells we've seen so many leaked images of already. While it is only the shell, DetroitBORG – otherwise known as Michael Kukielka – compares it to the iPod touch, iPhone 5, iPhone 4/4S and the iPhone 3GS.

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Purported less expensive iPhone parts assembled for video, knocked off for Android

When you hear "cheap iPhone" or "budget iPhone" think "less expensive iPhone", akin to how the Mac Mini is less expensive than the Mac Pro, and the iPad mini is less expensive than the full-sized iPad (or the iPod nano was less expensive than the classic iPod). That's what this video, and the accompanying photos, purportedly show off as well. Techdy:

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Apple reportedly having trouble signing new carriers, high subsidies an issue

With potentially billions of customers on the line, Apple is reportedly having trouble negotiating with wireless providers in emerging markets like Russia and China, and in established markets like Japan. The carriers are, apparently, holding out for better terms from Apple than those currently enjoyed by carriers in United States under the subsidy model. Bloomberg reports:

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Purported photos suface of less expensive iPhone plastic backing

The less expensive iPhone has been rumored for a long time -- a way for Apple to cater to emerging markets and entry-level, off-contract customers -- but so far it's remained little more than a myth. Today, case manufacturer Tactus claims to have an image of the rear casing for just that device.

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