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License Agreement

iBooks Author updated, includes newer, better EULA that clarifies content distribution

Shortly after Apple released iBooks Author for Mac, word started to circulate that content made within the app could only be sold in Apple’s iBookstore. Under their license agreement, confusion arose about whether authors could freely distribute their work elsewhere and if they'd be allowed to sell anything created in iBooks Author outside of the iBookstore.

Apple has now updated their EULA for iBooks Author to clarify this concern, specifically pointing out this only applies to .iBook formatted eBooks, and doesn't effect the content itself.

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Apple still needs music publishers on board for iTunes cloud streaming service

Peter Kafka over at All Things Digital reports that Apple has yet another hurdle to overcome before iTunes cloud streaming can become a reality -- getting music publishers to sign off. Although Apple has been negotiating and finalizing deals with the music labels, including Sony now, that's apparently not enou.

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Google likes Apple's clarified iOS advertising policy

Google Vice President of Product Management, Omar Hamoui, has just posted about the changes made this morning to Apple's iOS developer licensing agreement, specifically the section referring to in-app advertising:

Today, Apple updated their iPhone Developer Program License Agreement. Unlike the previous version, these new terms ensure that Apple’s developers have the choice of a variety of advertising solutions (including Google’s and AdMob’s) to earn money and fund their apps. Apple’s new terms will keep in-app advertising on the iPhone open to many different mobile ad competitors and enable advertising solutions that operate across a wide range of platforms.

Read the whole things for why this is great news for everyone, from consumers to developers to puppy dogs (that's not me being facetious -- it really is).

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Apple previews iAds for agencies, may restrict 3rd part ad networks

Advertising agency Hill Holiday blogged about their visit from Apple's iAd team -- you know, the folks who want to make mobile ads not suck -- and shared what they could about the experience:

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EFF Uses NASA to Out iPhone SDK License Agreement

The Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) petitioned NASA (an iPhone developer - iTunes link) under the Freedom of Information Act to provide them with a copy of Apple's iPhone SDK License Agreement, and have gone through and provided both a link to the agreement (an older version, provided at the time of the request) and some analysis of what it contains.

For those not familiar with the document, it contains the legal terms a developer must agree to before they can develop for the iPhone platform. Since the EFF and Apple have been duking it out over Jailbreaking for a while now -- the EFF wants Jailbreaking to be made an official exception to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and Apple has opposed that move -- the EFF thinks the SDK agreement is particularly interesting at the moment.

The major points brought out and up by the EFF include:

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iPhone Developer Program Licence Leaks! "Need to update this for the 27th Launch"

First it was McGraw-Hill on CNBC, and now it's Apple's own iPhone Developer Program leaking iPhone-relevance about tomorrow's "Come see our latest creation" event with the text "Place holder Agreement -- Need to update this for the 27th launch"

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