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Lightning Reviews

Lightning Review: Pageonce - A Personal Assistant

(Lightning Reviews are back! This time courtesy of -- Badmofo63 who gives us a look at Pageonce (FREE at the iTunes Store). Want your Lightning Review elevated to our front page -- with a tasty 25% iMore Store discount prize to top it off? Get the details, choose and App, and make with the reviewing! And if you're looking for a good example for what kind of reviews we like, this is a great one!)

Take it away, Badmofo63:

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Lightning Review: Brain Challenge

(Lightning Reviews are back! Back again! And with one of our fav forum members -- cjvitek giving us a look at Brain Challenge ($9.99 at the iTunes Store). Want your Lightning Review elevated to our front page -- with a tasty 25% iMore Store discount prize to top it off? Get the details, choose and App, and make with the reviewing! And if you're looking for a good example for what kind of reviews we like, this is a great one!)

Take it away, cjvitek:

My wife and I just bought a Wii a few months ago. Recently, we just purchased the game Big Brain Academy for it, and we love it. I bought the game Brain Challenge hoping it would be similar to the Big Brain Academy game. And I wasn't disappointed.

Read on for more!

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Spore Origins: Now Available in App Store

Well it's finally here. Spore! The game that we've been waiting for ever since the 2.0 firmware was announced.

It was released today and can be purchased at the App Store for a cool $9.99.

TiPb will be back with a hands-on review, but I played around with it early this afternoon and I must say it is a very well polished game that is worth it's price tag.

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Lightning Review: Epocrates RX

Today's lightning review: Epocrates Rx, available for free in the App Store. For writing the review, Libuff gets a 25% off coupon to the iPhone Blog Store. A review of a medical app from a genuine paramedic: Epic Win! Interested in getting your own coupon? Read the details on how your own Lightning Review could do just that!

Epocrates is the iPhone version of the famous drug reference software which is available on nearly all portable devices. from Palm to Blackberry to Windows Mobile and now to iPhone. This application is not for just the professional, although most of the information would be over the head of the non-medical professional types. This product is FREE, however an online registration is required, but also FREE. You can register here.

I work as a Paramedic, and as such, drug reference material is very important. We are quite often confronted with a myriad of medications which even the most experienced pharmacists have yet to hear about. Because of the ever expanding amount of medications out there, it becomes important to have dynamic drug references.

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Lightning Review: Units

(cjvitek is back with a review of Units ($.99 at the iTunes Store), a straightforward unit conversion app. It's currently sitting pretty at #4 on the bestseller list, but does it belong? Read on to find out!)

On my old Treo, I had a great conversion program which I used frequently. When I switched to the iPhone 3G, I was hoping to find a similar program. The best I have found so far is "Units".

Units is a conversion program that allows you to convert currencies, length, area, temperature, energy units, volume, time, speed, and weight. It has a simple, straightforward interface. First you select the mode you want to convert (say, currency), then the "from" units, then the "to" units. You select these options be repeatedly tapping on the "mode", "from", and "to" buttons until you get the selection you want. Then, using the calculator style interface, you type in the number you want converted. While I haven't used the currency converter yet, the currency values are updated daily (automatically) or you can update them yourself manually.

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Lightning Review: Midomi

Today's Lightning Review comes from FoilTape, a review of Midomi, free on iTunes. Most people have been raving about Shazam for identifying music, but Midomi seems to work better with humming and the like. Let's see what FoilTape thinks!

Midomi calls itself "the ultimate search and discovery." It's a FREE, cool and engaging app that definitely has scored 'wow' points with me. Midomi is a song recognition program that you can sing to, hum to, talk to, or type to. You can even hold your iPhone up to your car stereo to capture the sound. Midomi then searches its database and tries to decipher your best karaoke attempt and gives back likely matches.

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Lightning Review: Pandora

(Today's Lightning Review comes from BaLLi5t1c, a full review of the awesome Pandora Radio app (available on iTunes for free!). BaLLi5t1c gets a 25% off coupon to the iPhone Blog Accessory store. Want one yourself? Post a review in our forums -- full details here)

This is my first time writing a review for an iPhone app, partly because I just received my 16GB Black this past Friday and partly because I’ve been basking in the glory that is the App Store, and I couldn’t think of a more deserving app than Pandora Radio to review.

For those of you who have never heard of Pandora Radio, I’m sure you’re wondering what it is exactly and why I would make such a bold statement in my title. Allow me to enlighten you.

To put it lightly, Pandora Radio is a heaven-sent program/application that will allow you to stream music that you’ve never heard of but probably should have, music that you listened to many moons ago but somehow let slip into obscurity with those passing moons, music that is probably still in your current rotation in iTunes, and anything in between. Not too shabby, eh?

You might ask, “BaLLi5t1c, how does it do all of that without me hand-picking all of the artists and songs that I want to hear?”

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Lightning Review: MLB At Bat

Masseym drops our latest Lightning Review, for MLB At Bat ($4.99 at iTunes), which we publish today even though masseym clearly was trying to play this Minnesota boy's heart by using a Twins game in his screenshot. We're publishing Lightning reviews of iPhone apps nearly every day, write your review in our forums and you'll get a chance to win a 25% off coupon to our iPhone accessories Store. Click here for full details!

As an avid baseball fan (ok, just the Mets) living in Texas, I was excited when MLB announced their app. I could see the strike/ball/out counts live and then watch highlight clips from anywhere in the world! What an exciting application.

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Lightning Review: Texas Hold 'Em by Apple, Inc

Next up: a review from iPhoneMilk: Texas Hold 'Em. It's a very well made game and (surprise!) it's developed by none other than Apple, Inc. You can but it on iTunes for just $4.99.

Hello everyone this will be my first review of an iPhone app, More reviews are to come to stay tuned =)

First off, What's the App?- Texas Hold'em!

This is a must buy for you poker fans! I myself often love to go out and play poker in real person and I always try out the occasional poker game for any device/pc just to see what it's like, but this game has me coming back for more!

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Lightning Review: Beatmaker

benji starts off our iPhone App Lightning Reviews and scores a %25 off coupon with a review of Beatmaker, which you can find with this iTunes Link and buy yourself for $19.99. We have plenty more reviews coming, but don't forget you can submit your own in the forums for you chance to win a coupon yourself -- full details here!

BeatMaker is one of the first in a higher league of iphone apps. In short, it is a music creation tool that picks up where the MooCow Music "Band" app leaves off...and improves in leaps and bounds.

Read on for the full review!

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