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How the iPad Air 2 became Federico Viticci's main computer

We recently did our iPad Air 2: three months later roundtable, chatting about why and what we liked about Apple's latest tablet. Federico Viticci has done his own three-month iPad Air review for MacStories, aptly titled "Why the iPad Became My Main Computer":

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GE to sell Link LED lightbulbs controlled by Wink iPhone app

General Electric has announced plans to sell a new family of LED lightbulbs, the Link, that can be controlled remotely anywhere in the world by the new Wink app as part of their connected home efforts.

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iOS 8: Explained

iOS 8 was announced by Apple at WWDC 2014 on June 2 and will become publicly available this fall. Major new features include Continuity, Extensibility, QuickType, Health, iCloud Drive, and Family Sharing, as well as major improvements for Photos, Messages, Spotlight, and more. If you want the highlights and all of our ongoing coverage, check out our iOS 8 super page. If you want a deep dive into just how exactly all of it works, check out the articles below!

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Ampkit+ for iPad - app review

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Ampkit is a guitar rig emulation app available for both iPhone and iPad. For this review, I was using the Ampkit+ iPad version and had access to all the extra add-ons and packages. It's worth noting there is a free version of the app as well. Hardware wise, you'll need to pick up the Ampkit LiNK in order to connect your guitar to your iPad or iPhone, available for $39.99. This is similar to the same process as Amplitube 2 and the iRig which I took a look at earlier this month.

Click through for a video demonstrating sound quality, some thoughts, and how I think it stacks up against the competition.

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