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How fast is your iPhone 5 data connection?

The iPhone 5 boasts Apple's most advanced cellular radio yet, able to do super-fast LTE on multiple carriers around the world, speedy DC-HSPA+ and HSPA+ on AT&T and GSM carriers, and slow EVDO rev. A on Sprint and Verizon. But how fast is fast?

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AT&T LTE goes live in eight more locations ahead of iPhone 5 launch

Just like Verizon, AT&T has been exapnading their LTE coverage that will certainly help new iPhone 5 owners attain the speeds they're expecting. In total, eight new areas have now gone live for AT&T.

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Verizon LTE network expansion goes live in many U.S. cities, more on the way

With the announcement of the iPhone 5 bringing LTE, we expected to hear a lot more about carriers rolling out or extending their LTE coverage and to no surprise, they've done just that. Verizon has announced plenty of new bring their claimed LTE coverage to 75% of the U.S. population.

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iPhone 5 reportedly does not support simultaneous voice and LTE data, or any at all on Verizon and Sprint

Yesterday after the Apple event, we received a tip saying the iPhone 5 wouldn't be able to do simultaneous voice and data over LTE, which mean Verizon and Sprint wouldn't be able to do voice and data at the same time at all, and AT&T and other GSM carriers would have to drop data down to HSPA in order to do it. It sounded strange to us, because almost every other LTE phone launched to date has been able to do simultaneous voice/data.

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iPhone 5 splits into two models, one for US GSM+LTE, another for CDMA+LTE and everybody else

During today's iPhone 5 press event, they made a point of paying special attention to the new radio chip at use in the new smartphone. Like iPhones before it, the iPhone 5 uses a single chip to manage all of the various radios and bands it has to address in order to be used on networks around the globe. Problem is, throwing LTE into the mix makes things a little more complicated. LTE actually adds seven - yes, seven - new bands into the mix, nearly doubling the number of bands needed to be supported between the 4G standard, HSPA, GSM, and CDMA.

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iPhone 5 in the UK - EE gets a hero phone for its 4G network

Apple’s 90-plus minute iPhone 5 launch event was packed with details about the new device’s hardware and software, but for viewers in the UK, the most important information was covered in just a few frames of video. As the camera panned over the map of iPhone 5 LTE carriers across the globe, Brits got their confirmation of what many had suspected -- the world’s first 4G iPhone would work on their country's first 4G network.

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iPhone 5 to feature single chip LTE technology and 802.11n Wi-Fi support

Apple has just officially announced that the iPhone 5 will feature LTE and 802.11n Wi-Fi technology. Beyond that, it'll handle it all using a single chip set, making LTE less complicated and more compatible than ever before.

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Could Apple offer iTunes affiliate revenue to carriers as a subsidy for LTE data plans?

Last week we saw Amazon drop a bit of a bomb on the competition by offering a $50 per year data plan. At 250MB a month, it isn’t a very good data plan, but people will buy it. I wondered how Amazon could have negotiated such a good deal with AT&T. Perhaps they’re cutting them in on revenue from users who shop on Amazon while using a Kindle Fire HD via the LTE data network? It was purely speculation, but it intrigued me enough that I spent a bit more time thinking about this whole topic. And I quickly realized that Apple actually has a pretty well-established iTunes affiliate program.

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iPhone 5 rumored to support LTE in Europe and Asia as well

A long time ago, on a blog far, far away, iMore learned that Apple would be adding LTE networking to the iPhone 5, but it remained to be seen if it would be limited to the US and Canada, like the iPad, or if it would try and support some of the other 30+ segments needed for true international deployment. Well, it looks like Europe and Asia might be getting some good news this time.

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Everything Everywhere to announce new, possibly LTE network in the UK on September 11, the day before iPhone 5...

U.K. carrier Everything Everywhere, the amalgam of Orange and T-Mobile U.K., has just announced a special event for Tuesday, September 11, the day before Apple is expected to announce the new iPhone 5. Alex Dobie of our Mobile Nations sibling site, Android Central, scored an invitation:

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