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Madden 25

EA drops a double F-bomb on Madden 25: Freemium and Facebook

Without fail, every year, we see updated titles to key franchises from EA, with a Madden NFL title being one of them. This year sees a milestone for the Madden series, with Madden 25 being the – you guessed it – 25th release. They've really gone to town on the console versions of the game, and in some regards the mobile version too. It looks incredible, has excellent controls for the touchscreen environment and all the licenses you can shake a stick at. But it's also the single most enraging game experience I've had in a long time. In short, EA has ruined this once great franchise with two 'F' words; freemium and Facebook.

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Madden 25 now available for iPhone and iPad, jumping on the freemium bandwagon

We're at that time of year again, and as sure as the new NFL season begins we also get the yearly update to the Madden series. This years release, Madden 25, is now available to download for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on the same day as the console release, and is following EA's now traditional free-to-play model:

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