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Readly brings its on-demand digital magazines to the UK

We're used to subscription services for music and video, but magazines? Readly offers just that and has just launched in the UK. For a monthly fee of £9.99, Readly will give you on-demand access to hundreds of different magazines every month on iOS, Android and Windows 8.

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Google Play Newsstand coming to an iOS device near you in 2014

We've already got one Newsstand on our iPhones and iPads, and Google it seems wants to be the second. Announced today, Google Play Newsstand is a new product that will be rolling together Google Currents and the until now Android only Google Play Magazines under one banner. The app is Android only at first, though according to Engadget it will also be coming our way sometime next year:

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Apple adds new Read Them Here First section to Newsstand

Apple has added a new section to iTunes that features magazines with issues that are published ahead of the print edition or other digital editions. Called Read Them Here First, the section currently features twenty magazines from Hearst publishing, including Cosmopolitan, Popular Mechanics, and Car and Driver. TechCrunch’s Darrell Etherington reports that the exclusivity window for new issues will vary by publication:

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All-you-can-read magazine subscription service comes to iPad with Next Issue

The Next Issue has finally arrived on the iPad, and is set to offer a subscription service that could transform the way you access glossy magazines on iOS. In their press release, Morgan Guenther, CEO of Next Issue Media said:

"With the unlimited plans offering access to our entire catalog from a single intuitive App and personal library, we're delivering magazines the way consumers want to read them. It's like having an entire magazine rack stocked with only the very best titles, but you can browse or read any issue, any time, on your iPad."

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How to subscribe to magazines on your new iPad

Reading magazines and newspapers is an amazing experience the new iPad thanks to its retina display. Newsstand is Apple's built-in way or ogranize and manage all your issues and subscriptions, so your magazines and newspapers are where you want, when you want. They'll even download over night so new editions are ready for you right when you wake up!

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Bug: iOS 5 Newsstand icons out of place on iPhone and iPad Home screen

I noticed an oddity on the Home screen of my iPad 2 the other day. One of the magazines that I'm subscribed to in Newsstand decided to place itself on the Home screen, instead of where it's supposed to reside in the Newsstand folder. Luckily there's an easy fix, and today we're going to show you how to get around it if you ever experience the same problem.

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Publishers can't fix iPad magazine app frustration

Justin Williams from Carpeaqua breaks down the egregiously horrible user experience involved in just trying to get an issue of GQ, Esquire, or Sports Illustrated magazine loaded on the iPad.

Reading magazines on the iPad is an exercise in frustration. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. As great a device and, more importantly, platform as Apple has created, magazine publishers have done nothing short of fumble the snap in their own end zone.

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Poll: Are you using Newsstand?

Do you use Newsstand on your iPhone or iPad?

Newsstand isn't iBooks for magazines or newspapers, but it is a centralized place to put all the magazine and newspaper apps for your iPhone and iPad, and a quick way to get to the Newsstand optimized section of the App Store. A few publishers have said that alone has substantially increased their revenue, but what has it done for us users?

It lets us more nicely organize those newspaper and magazine apps, and we get to see front page or cover art rather than the app icon, but the apps themselves are still a crapshoot when it comes to quality and design. iBooks are pretty unified -- I buy a book and I know how to navigate through it and easily read it, and I know if I put it down on my iPad when I leave home, I can open it up and keep going from the same place when I open it again on my iPhone at work. If I want to read my Trashy Gossip Mag, no such luck.

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Time Inc. bringing all 21 US magazines to iPad

Time Inc. has announced they plan to bring all of their 21 US magazine titles to iPad and other tablets by year's end.

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iOS 5 to include 'Newsstand' for magazines and newspaper

Scott Forstall just announced on stage at WWDC a new iOS 5 feature called Newsstand, which integrates newspapers and digital magazines onto the iOS homescreen.

The app resides on the springboard but behaves much like iOS folders. Tap the app and you're presented with a thumbnail view of each magazine or newspaper you're subscribed to directly from the homescreen. All downloaded subscriptions are stored on the device for offline viewing. Newspapers look just like paper newspapers, and magazines look and behave like a real magazine.

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