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Why iOS 6 is more about Apple than new user features

We've talked about iOS 6 and it's unusual focus at length already, but it's been in bits and pieces, scattered across a range of articles, and tangential to other points. I think it's valuable to collect it all together, though. Unlike any full point release before it, iOS 6 is more about Apple, their platform, and its future, than it is present user attraction. And it's worth collecting that, exploring why it is, and looking at what it means for iOS users.

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What TiPb Really Wants from the iTablet -- No More Tech Support Calls from Mom

TiPb's iTablet hopes and dreams are fairly simple -- Apple, please make us a device we can give to our moms and never get another tech support call back from them in our lives.

Okay, maybe never is dreaming in AMOLED color, but we'd settle for seldom at this point. And we don't mean to pick on mom -- feel free to substitute or add dad, siblings, neighbors, and everyone else to the list.

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