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Media Server

#CESlive: QNAP's NAS Systems for Home and Enterprise

QNAP - short for Quality Network Appliance Provider - is a manufacturer of Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices, which provide homes and businesses with file servers without the hassle and overhead of a traditional file server system. QNAP's system just doesn't work on your local network - it's Internet accessible, so you can gain access to your files from anywhere in the world.

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How to build a really nerdy Mac-based media server

For some users, mainly power users who have all manner of content and workflows crafted, converted, and made convoluted, an Apple TV just isn't computer enough to run their home media empire. For them, a full-on Mac, often a Mac Mini with handy HDMI port, is a far better and more flexible solution. But there's a lot more to setting up a Mac media server than just plugging in cables and pressing play. Luckily, there's also Shawn Blanc:

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Apple Media Server to Give iPhone Content Everywhere?

Another countdown to Macworld, another rumor! This one says that Apple is developing a turbo-boosted version of Time Capsule that would offer HP Media Smart Server-like capabilities. Some of the more nifty, iPhone related features, according to 9to5Mac, could include:

The device will tie in MobileMe with an Apple built-in Dynamic DNS system. For instance, if your MobileMe account was "9to5mac", your domain name would be "". This is how you'd reach your filesystem throughout the Internet. Your media would also reside here. [...] Sharing media with iPod Touch and iPhones both over the Internet and while at home. AppleTV as well.

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