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iPhone is Flickr King Once Again!

We had originally reported that the iPhone was the most popular camera phone on Flickr, the popular photo sharing website, way back in May, pre-3G. Well, it lost that title for a brief moment and only re-gained it recently. I'm only guessing but it probably had to do with the 3 million iPhone 3Gs that took the market by storm. Either way, the iPhone being the King of Flickr should force Apple to take notice and improve the camera already.

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Mo' Camera Mo' Better? For the iPhone, Maybe Not...

Long and loud have been the voices berating, bemoaning... begging even for some little extra bit of camera love from the iPhone. We're not even talking video here (though conflicting rumors coming out of WWDC, via TWiM, suggested Apple either thinks no one wants video, or were working on it for a future release...). We're talking about plain old, plainly old, still photography.

Nokia N95 has a Karl Zeiss 5.0 megapixel auto-focusing lens, right? Sure, it's built like a Soviet tank, but Apple could at least bump the pixel count on the measly iPhone camera, right?


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