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Shoppers still more likely to buy on iOS than Android, 5x as much over Christmas!

People in the U.S. were more likely to use an iPhone or iPad over an Android phone or tablet to shop online this holiday season . While the majority of online shopping took place on traditional computers, 48% of shopping traffic came from mobile devices, up 28.3% from last year. When it came to actual sales, more people chose iPhones and iPads, rather than Android devices, to make their purchases, according to a new report from IBM:

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Christmas Day customer activity showing Apple is crushing it, Android strong, Microsoft toast.

Christmas Day is a huge day for mobile device activations, obviously. Once we finish unwrapping our gifts and scarfing down a big breakfast, we all become children and want to immediately play with our gifts. For smartphones and tablets, that means activating your device on a network, and downloading a slew of apps. Once we install these apps (like Twitter), we start telling followers about our new device. Two pieces of research hit my radar today. They’re both quite fascinating and paint a picture of Apple dominating the scene.

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Have you downloaded 60 apps for your iPhone or iPad?

As Apple's iTunes App Store closes in on 10 billion downloads asymco does some Leanna style math and estimates 60 apps have been downloaded for every iOS device -- iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. They draw three conclusions:

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Apple and iPhone: top manufacturer and device in October

Millenial Media's October Mobile Mix is out and for the first time they've expanded their report from strictly smartphones like iPhone to all connected devices, including iPod touch and iPad. With that in mind, Apple's iPhone remains the top mobile device at 15.96%, and the new mix sees Apple at the top mobile device manufacturer list with 24.96%. Some additional highlights:

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iPhone users willing to buy more apps, BlackBerry users to pay more

Mplayit is digging through more of their usage data and interesting things are being turned up. Here's the take away this time around:

  • On average, across all device platforms approximately 35 percent of users are interested in paid applications.
  • More than half of the most popular apps on Mplayit's iPhone (Arcade or platform) are paid, 57 percent, compared to 33 percent on BlackBerry and 16 percent on Android.
  • BlackBerry users are willing to pay the biggest premium for apps, with a median price point of $5.99, compared to $2.72 on Android and $1.99 on iPhone.

Says Michael Powers, Mplayit CEO:

“Our analysis dispels the myth that consumers aren’t willing to shell out money for great mobile applications. If you’re making a quality app, don’t be afraid to charge for it.”

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