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Michael Jurewitz

Michael Jurewitz and Brad Ellis' talks from Çingleton Deux now on video

While all of the presentation at Çingleton Deux were fantastic, among those that stood out and resonated with me were former Apple developer evangelist Michael Jurewitz's talk on App Store economics, and Pacific Helm designer Brad Ellis' talk on color. I was privileged to watch them both live at Ç2, and here's what I wrote at the time:

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How to price your apps, sell them, and earn a living

Former developer tools evangelist at Apple, Michael Jurewitz has been going flat out on the writing circuit this past week, topped off by a an insane final lap consisting of a 5-part series on understanding App Store pricing.

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The importance of minimum viable products and user focus

Michael Jurewitz, former developer tools evangelist at Apple, has been blogging up a storm this week, with two great pieces on two important subjects for developers. First is the idea of minimal viable products, or how much you need to build in order to be able to start selling your current work, and supporting your future work. Jury says:

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Michael Jurewitz leaves Apple's Worldwide Developer relations team to join Black Pixel

Michael Jurewitz, a member of Apple's Worldwide Developer relations team, is leaving his current position in order to join Black Pixel, one of the top iOS and OS X development firms in the country. Michael will join the team at a director level position focusing on client and internal software projects.

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