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iPhone 4 skipping audio on AT&T microcell

There have been complaints of the iPhone 4 experiencing audio problems when connected to AT&T's 3G microcell. Specifically, the incoming sound will skip, making it nearly impossible to understand the person you're talking to. There does not appear to be a relation to signal strength and the skipping does not affect outgoing audio. It also only seems to only be a problem with the iPhone 4.

I have owned a microcell for a few weeks now and have experienced this issue on multiple occasions. It has only occurred in one spot of my house - at my desk. Once I move, the call clears up and I can hear everything fine. Not once has this skipping resulted in a dropped call.

What about you? Have you noticed skipping audio when using an iPhone 4 on your AT&T microcell? What about another device?

Video demonstrating the problem after the break!

[AT&T forums - thanks Allen for the tip!]

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AT&T 3G Microcell review

Our good friend George Ponder over at sibling site WMExperts has just posted a full AT&T 3G Microcell review, and it's authoritative to say the least.

Sure, George is still rocking the Mic(rocell, sorry!) with a Windows device, but our iOS fare -- iPhone and iPad alike -- won't care as long as they get more bars in more places (and the actual network backhaul behind them).

The AT&T Microcell isn't for everyone. If you're satisfied with (or can live with) your current signal reception, then you shouldn't bother with the Microcell. However, if your home or office location sucks wind with regards to signal reception, the Microcell is a good way to go about improving things.

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AT&T to count Micro Cell usage against data limits?!

Business Insider claims that AT&T is going to count Micro Cell usage against your data limits. Go ahead, curse like you're in a Tarantino pic, we'll wait...

Here's the nut: AT&T will sell you an iPhone (or any phone) and sign you up to an expensive, tiered, capped, service contract even if they have lousy reception in your home or office. Then, if you want better reception, they'll sell you a $150 Micro Cell dongle that attaches to your broadband cable or DSL modem (which you pay for) and route your calls over your ISP instead. Then, if the reports are correct, they'll deduct the data you use over your wired network from your wireless plan. Use 1GB over Micro Cell, you only have 1GB left on your 2GB plan.

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AT&T Microcell Goes Nation-wide Mid-April

AT&T Microcell to Boost iPhone Reception in 5 More Markets

George Ponder over at sibling site WMExperts brings word that AT&T's Microcell -- the device you plug into your home cable/DSL connection to boost your phone reception -- is being rolled out to Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, San Diego, and Las Vegas.

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AT&T MicroCell Prices and Would You Pay Them?

What do you think about AT&T MicroCell Pricing?(surveys)

We all new it was coming, and we all new the pricing was likely to be (what's a more insane word for insane than insane?). Now Sascha Segan from Gearlog has word on the Charlotte, North Carolina launch, and just what those insanely insane prices are:

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UPDATED: AT&T 3G MicroCell Site is Live

Update: Engadget Mobile just got word from AT&T that the MicroCell and it's pricing structure are only in "public trial" at the moment in Charlotte, North Carolina. So sit tight folks as AT&T has "no other announcements to make at this time"

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