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Curious about Microsoft's Windows 10 event? Here's what you need to know!

Lots of people still use their iPhones and iPads with Windows PCs, and lots of Mac owners still run Windows via Virtual Machine or through Bootcamp. So, we figure whatever it is Microsoft is getting ready to announce today for Windows 10 is probably going be of interest. Luckily, our friends over at Windows Central are on the ground in Redmond right now, ready to cover the stuffing out of it.

Here's how you can follow along:

And if anything iPhone, iPad, or Mac related comes up, we'll let you know all about it as well!

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Microsoft updates its SNIPP3T iPhone app with new tagging feature and more

Microsoft has once again updated its iPhone SNIPP3T app that it launched back in October. The app, which offers users a way to keep track of their favorite celebrities with a stream of headlines and social media updates, now lets users place their own messages on news images.

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Microsoft updates Bing apps for iPhone and iPad with new designs and more

Microsoft has updated the Bing apps for the iPhone and iPad today, offering up some revamped designs for the search engine apps.

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Microsoft's Xim photo sharing app now supports Apple TV

Microsoft will release an update for its recently-launched smartphone photo-sharing app Xim later today that adds support for displaying those images for a number of TV set-top boxes and sticks, including Apple TV.

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Microsoft buys HockeyApp to help expand its support for iOS app developers

Microsoft has today announced the acquisition of Stuttgart, Germany-based company HockeyApp, which provides iOS developers with detailed app crash reports, along with a way to distribute beta versions of those apps. The specific financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed in the announcement.

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Microsoft's MSN suite of apps are now available on iPhone and iPad

Microsoft has today launched newly rebranded mobile apps for iOS and Android. The company overhauled the MSN portal a few months ago, refreshing apps available on its Windows Phone platform. Rebranded apps include MSN News, Sports, Health & Fitness, Food & Drink and Money, most of which are available to download for both the iPhone and iPad.

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Microsoft confirms it is acquiring the Acompli iPhone and iPad email app

Microsoft has confirmed that it will indeed acquire Acompli, the creators of a popular email app for the iPhone and iPad. This news was expected following a leaked URL on Microsoft's site last week that suggested the deal was going to be announced soon.

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Microsoft may be close to launching a Power BI app for the iPhone and iPad

A new report says that Microsoft is planning to launch a version of its Power BI business intelligence tool for the iPhone and iPad, in what could be just the latest example of the company launching products and services beyond its Windows platform.

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Microsoft OneNote for iPhone and iPad will finally sync in the background

Microsoft has pushed out a small, but not unimportant update to its OneNote applications for iPhone and iPad. In the process it fixes one of the more irritating issues, because now we're finally given background sync! OneNote has had a tendency to be somewhat slow syncing your notebooks between device and cloud, but that should all be a thing of the past.

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Enough with the ludicrous Surface 3 Pro attack ads, Microsoft

I feel bad for Microsoft. I really do. And their latest Surface Pro 3 attack ad highlights just exactly why.

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