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Mobile Ichat

iChat video motherlode of code: moderators, chat room, encryption, more

9to5Mac has hit the motherlode of code references when it comes to iPhone 4.0 iChat video secret strings and references, including what looks like moderators, chat room, encryption, and more.

Presumably moderation would let Apple prevent their hosting of ChatRoulette-style not-safe-for-families fun, especially if iChat hooks into the Game Center social network.

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iPhone 4.0: iChatAgent hints at video chat in next-gen iPhone?

TUAW was slipped a screenshot today showing something called iChatAgent running on iPhone 4.0. iChat is Apple's instant message client for Mac OS X that includes voice and video chat, among other features. Rumors of a Mobile iChat for iPhone that would include webcam-style video chat date back to 2008, and were most recently seen in (and then taken away from) iPhone 3.2 for iPad.

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What will we get in iPhone 4.0?

Tomorrow at 10pm PT, 1pm ET, Steve Jobs puts sneaker to stage and, along with SVP of iPhone software, Scott Forstall, gives us a sneak preview of the highly anticipated iPhone 4.0. No one outside Apple knows exactly what new features and paradigms iPhone 4.0 will offer. However, tradition demands we make our best guesses and ask you to do the same.

This isn't what we want, mind you. We told Apple what we want back on December 25, 2009: multitasking, better notifications, widgets for the home screen, instant access to important settings, themes, gestures like pervasive pull-down-to-refresh, system-wide "back" implementation, orientation lock, and resolution independence, along with a ton of great reader suggestions in the comments. We've also asked for a Finder app, like the Photo but to store document files.

This is what we think we'll actually get, given the rumors and the direction Apple looks to be going. This is us, TiPb staff and TiPb readers reading the tea leaves...

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What's for? iPhone? iTablet? More iUnicorns?

No sooner did surface than 9to5mac has noted that doesn't return a "page not found" error, but rather redirects to Apple's iChat for Mac OS X.

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AT&T To Reconsider VoIP Applications Over 3G? Yeahbuwhat Apple VoIP apps?

As part of the responses to the FCC's inquiry into the rejection of Google Voice from the iPhone App Store, AT&T stated the following:

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Craziest iPhone Rumors Yet -- With Flowers and Fluffy Bunnies!

The WWDC Keynote is tomorrow. Phil Schiller and Apple Execs take the stage as Moscone to update us on iPhone 3.0 and -- hopefully! -- announce iPhone 2,1 hardware (iPhone video in the latest rumors).

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Patent Watch: Apple Adding "Add Media" to iPhone Phone App?

Apple Insider has unearthed another very cool, who-knows-if-they'll-ever-deploy-it, Apple patent pertaining to the iPhone. This one, credited to engineer Jeffrey Terlizzi pertains to media file sharing while already on a phone call:

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Real or Fake? Another Next-Gen iPhone "Leak" Hits the Web!

Italian site iSpazio has posted up a couple images they received from tipster who claimed they're shots from Apple's development web server showing off pages that feature the next-generation iPhone (presumably what will go up post-WWDC keynote).

Of note, they highlight the Voice Memos app from iPhone 3.0 and -- wait for it -- a front facing camera, presumably for the oft-rumored Mobile iChat. As always, there's no way to tell if these are real or fake.

The second image (after the jump), which features tethering, however, perplexingly shows off the iPhone 2.x, NOT 3.0 home screen layout. Roh-roh Raggy. That one has us immediately calling shenanigans...

All in favor?

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Mobile iChat Video for the iPhone Cometh... Again?

No, nothing new here. Same story we've heard off and on for almost a year now, typically from Kevin Rose. But the internets are all a twitter about it, so for completeness' sake, here's the story again from CrunchGear, augmented with the recent iPhone patent grants:

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On Twitter and SMS and Why it Shouldn't Matter to iPhone Users

In case you haven't read it already, our editor-in-chief, Dieter Bohn, has an outstanding article up at sibling-site WMExperts highlighting his top 5 reasons Twitter is better than SMS (and vice versa).

There's a lot of intertube fuss about SMS lately, as a recent New York Times article once again shone the spotlight on the disgustingly dirty price gouging (and potential fixing) that goes on when it comes to SMS rates in North America. Basically, SMS (at 160 bytes/characters) is ridiculously cheap for the carriers to transmit, no matter what the scale, and yet the prices have doubled from $0.10 to $0.20 on many networks over the last few years. Voice, by contrast, involves much more data and is much more "expensive" in terms of infrastructure costs. North Americans will pay ludicrous sums of money for "cheap" SMS but not for "expensive" voice, so the carriers take advantage.

Dieter points out that the cost, community, compatibility, control, and context of Twitter give it a clear advantage of SMS, even as the discoverability, dilution of quality, dropping 20 characters, downtime, and potential delays in notification (outside the US) make it still far from perfect.

Flaws and all, Dieter is moving towards Twitter (@backlon) and away from SMS. Am I going to do the same? I already have (@reneritchie) and without really considering it. But here's the thing -- I have considered that not only should I not have to consider it, I don't think any iPhone user should. (Or any @theiphoneblog follower either!)

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