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Want a sneak-preview at the future of iMore? Check out the new CrackBerry!

CrackBerry, the BlackBerry-centric side of the mighty Mobile Nations community, has just undergone a massive redesign. As mobile devices go more mainstream, the needs of their users -- our readers, listeners, and viewers -- grow increasingly diverse. Serving those needs -- your needs -- gets increasingly challenging. CrackBerry is our first stab at it, and wow did we swing for the stars. It may not look like your traditional reverse-chronological blog (though there's a button you can push to escape back to that!), but it's going to allow us to better present and organize content, and really take our communities to the next level.

iMore 3.0 won't be exactly that, of course, but it'll be based on that. Every site, every design is an iteration. But, if you want to get a sneak-preview of where we're going next, head on over to CrackBerry and click or tap your way though their killer new Home page and amazing new device, topic, and help pages. And if you're curious about the process we took and the thinking behind it, check out these joints:

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Mobile Nations podcasting update: What's new for 2013!

Hey everyone! It's time for a mighty Mobile Nations podcast network update, and a peak at some really cool stuff we have planned for 2013! First of all, we have all-new album art for the shows. The original concept was created by superstar designer Marc Edwards of Bjango to be crisp, clean, and modern. It's tough to make a whole catalog of shows consistent yet retain all their individual personalities. With Marc's help, I think we've nailed it. And by popular demand, we've even added a small TV logo to the bottom of all the video podcast album art so you can distinguish them from their audio counterparts at a glance. We absolutely love them, and we hope you do too. (And yes, we'll be making all of them available as HiDPI/Retina wallpaper for your phones and tablets later this week!)

If you haven't recently, please make sure you leave a review and rating for your favorite Mobile Nations shows, where ever and when ever you can. It encourages services (like iTunes) to feature us, that helps us get more great listeners and viewers like you, and we appreciate it a lot!

Now on with the shows!

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Monday Brief: More BB10 leaks, The Galaxy Note 8.0, and more!