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Mobile Nations 15: BlackBerry 10, HTC One, Lumia 900, new iPad

Kevin, Phil, Derek, Simon, Jay, and Rene talk BlackBerry 10, HTC One, Nokia Lumia 900, the new iPad, something something webOS, and Google Drive. This is Mobile Nations!

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iPhone 4S 6 months later

The editors and friends of iMore and Mobile Nations weigh in on the reliability and relevance of Apple's 2011 iPhone 4S six months after release

6 months ago Apple released the iPhone 4S. Some of us bought it immediately. Some of us waited. Some of us still haven't decided. Since Apple only releases one new phone a year -- if that -- the longevity of any new iPhone model is really important. So we polled the staff here at iMore, our compatriots from the Mobile Nations network, and our friends from the podcasts to find out how the iPhone 4S was holding up. Are we still happy? Is it still our one and only? Or with all the hot new devices on other platforms, are we harboring any secret lust in our hearts?

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State of the Mobile Nations survey: The point of the stylus

Steve Jobs put an end to the Newton project, in part because he hated the concept of using a stylus. The original Palm Pilot was a runaway hit -- in part because of the use of the stylus and its handwriting recognition. Now, Palm is dead and Apple is ginormous and Samsung is trying to bring the stylus back with the Galaxy Note line... So, who was right?

Just as the iPad is reaching the stratosphere in usage, the stylus is making a comeback.

We ran a quick poll and the initial results were intriguing enough we wanted to get a better sense of just what was going on across all platforms and all of our mobile communities. So here's a short survey. Does the stylus inhibit or amplify your touch screen experience? Let us know!

Take the Survey!

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