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Vodafone Portugal Launches Mobile TV App

Back in January, before iPhone 3.0 made MMS an impending feature for all (carrier depending!), Jose sent us word that Vodafone Portugal had launched their own iMMS app. Well, now Jose is back and so is Vodafone Portugal.. with Mobile TV:

an application to watch TV from the iPhone. The download is free but after that you have to pay a subscription. One day is 0,89€, one week is 1,97€ (first week free), one month is 7,44€ (first month free).

So is this another case of a carrier leading where Apple will one day soon follow? They have announced new live streaming capabilities in 3.0...

Screen shots after the break.

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iPhone Risk: Swiss Timing and iChat + TV Rumors!

Joking that the iPhone Risk map was getting a little crowded up in Europe... turns out not to be a joke anymore:

Swisscom on Wednesday confirmed it will begin selling Apple's iPhone in Switzerland this year, possibly bolstering a recent report on the matter which also stated that the handset would arrive with video conferencing and other fresh features.

What fresh new features? As if borrowing from Kevin Rose's twitter feed, GPS, bi-direction video iChat Mobile, and mobile TV.

Checking the score board:

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