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Apple’s goal is not to make money but to make good products according to Jonathan Ive

Jonathan Ive believes that Apple’s goal is not to make money but to make good products. Ive, who is Apple’s Senior Vice President of Industrial Design, was speaking at the British Embassy's Creative Summit. According to Wired UK., Ive said:

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Apple Begins Countdown to 25 billion App Downloads

The App Store has been around for nearly 4 years, and it is approaching 25 billion downloads. (That's 25,000,000,000!)

To celebrate, Apple is doing a countdown and giving away a US$10,000 (or equivalent) iTunes gift card to the person who downloads the 25 billionth app.

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Apple stock tops $500 for all-time record high

Apple's stock (AAPL) hit an all-time high this morning, passing $500 based on rumors of an iPad 3 announcement in early March and their recent $46 billion in revenue, 37 million iPhone sales quarter.

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Phone Different Podcast 31

This week: we can't stop talking about the App Store and what it means for developers. We recorded before 2.2 came out, but expect it to be the topic du jour next week for iPhone Live!

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Can iPhone Developers Make a Living on the App Store's "Long Tail"? - TiPb of the Iceberg

("Unique" by Hamed Masoumi, licensed under Creative Commons)

[Introducing TiPb of the Iceberg, our new, bi-weekly column from TiPb Senior Editor, and all-around Smartphone Expert, Dieter Bohn.]

The recent news that development house Tap Tap Tap is breaking up has me thinking about the App Store and developers again. Partially it's because Tap Tap Tap has previously been mentioned here at TiPb as an example of developers raking in the cash and as an example of developers being open about how much they're making and what they think of the industry. The break-up is interesting for a few reasons in this context.

After the break, some ruminations and thoughts on the State of the Apps from this layman's point of view. Warning: as you can see from the title, this post includes hackneyed references to the Long Tail

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App Review: SplashMoney

SplashMoney, from the folks over at SplashData, Inc., is now available in the iTunes App Store for $9.99 with a desktop version available for $19.99.

SplashData's products have been ever-popular on other platforms, such as Palm, Windows Mobile Pro and Smartphone editions, and BlackBerry. Now, they have taken the plunge and offered up some of their goodies for iPhone.

How does SplashMoney for the iPhone measure up? Read on for the full review!

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More App Store Stats, Soon To Be a Billion Dollar Marketplace

So you've been running on iPhone 2.0 (hopefully, 2.0.1) for a while now. And you've all enjoyed the plethora of quality apps at the App Store, but did you know how well the App Store was actually doing? Well, according to one of those old reputable printing press companies, pretty darn well.

The App Store holds a current pace of earning a revenue of over a million dollars a day, which roughly translates to $360 million a year. Steve Jobs issued some resounding statements about the App Store saying,

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