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Music Tips

How to use the Music app on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Music app has just enough features to make it useful on your wrist. You can access music in your iTunes library and playlists, listen to Beats 1 radio, and control playback on your iPhone. We show you how.

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iCloud Music Library, Apple Music, Beats 1, or iTunes Match not working? Here's how to fix it!

iTunes Match and Apple Music let you sync your music to iCloud Music Library, but they're not error-proof. If either service is hanging up on you, here are some troubleshooting steps you can take.

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How to use iTunes Match: The ultimate guide

iTunes Match isn't the same as Apple Music. With Apple Music, you can stream Apple's song catalog. With iTunes Match, you can upload up to 25,000 songs from your iTunes music library to iCloud, where you can then stream and download them—DRM-free—to up to ten other registered devices in your possession. Here's how to set it up and get the most out of it!

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How to AirPlay your music to your Apple TV or external speakers

AirPlay lets you take whatever's on your iPhone or iPad and beam it to your Apple TV or compatible speakers.

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How to set a sleep timer for Beats 1 and Apple Music

Want to listen to Beats 1 or Apple Music while falling asleep but don't want it to keep you up? There's a timer for that!

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How to use Up Next in Apple's new Music app

Up Next is is like a priority intercept playlist—it lets you listen to music you're suddenly in the mood for without killing the rest of what you had lined up. Here's how to use it!

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Five hidden shortcuts in the new Music app you need to know!

Is your iPhone's Music app giving you a headache? Here are five hidden shortcuts that will make your life easier!

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Getting the 'iCloud Music Library can't be enabled' error? Here's a fix!

If you just updated to iOS 8.4 and Apple Music and are now getting an error stating "Cloud Music Library Can't be Enabled", you're not alone. I got it too, and here's how I fixed it... at least for now!

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How to use the new Music app for iPhone and iPad: The Ultimate Guide

t's not just Apple Music that's new—the whole Music app on iPhone and iPad has been given a complete redesign. And with or without Apple Music, the new Music app still gives you a ton of features focused around your music.

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How to use playlists in Apple's new Music app

With Apple's new Music app, you can not only create and manage playlists, you can give them distinctive and easy to recognize thumbnails, quickly add music to them, queue them to Up Next, and a lot more.

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