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Music Tips

How to play a specific music genre with Siri and iTunes Radio

Sometimes when we want to listen to music, we don't always want to listen to a specific artist or album. Instead, we'd rather get a good mix that caters to the mood we are currently in. You can easily ask Siri to play a specific genre for you with the help of iTunes Radio.

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How to delete songs in the Music app to free up space on your iPhone or iPad

iPhones and iPads don't come with an unlimited amount of storage space. One of the biggest culprits when it comes to eating space is music. Sure, the individual files aren't large, but many people have hundreds if not thousands of them in their collections and they can really add up. Deleting music can free up valuable storage space. Whether you're using iTunes in the Cloud to bring down your music or syncing it with iTunes, the process of deleting a song is the same.

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Can't delete songs in the Music app on your iPhone and iPad? Here's the fix!

The Music app in iOS 7 didn't just come with an all new design, it came with an all new bug that's giving some of us trouble with deleting songs. What's supposed to happen is that you swipe a song, it brings up the delete button, and with a tap the song is gone. Unfortunately, for iTunes in the Cloud, that's sometimes not the case. The good news is all iTunes in the Cloud (and iTunes Match music) is safely backed up to Apple's servers. And that means you can fix the Music app bug with the nuclear option!

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How to play music in a specific playlist on your iPhone or iPad with Siri

If you use the built-in Music app to organize and listen to songs on your iPhone or iPad, you most likely have custom playlists that you've created over time. If you want to play one of them, you don't even have to launch the Music app. Instead, just ask Siri to play it for you!

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How to play music from a specific artist or album with Siri

Not only can Siri play specific tracks when asked, it can also play specific albums and artists too. All you have to do is ask and Siri and the built-in Music app take care of the rest for you!

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How to subscribe to iTunes Match from your iPhone or iPad

iTunes Match lets you listen to your music library wherever you have an internet connection, no syncing music for iTunes necessary. It costs around $25 USD a year but for anyone that has far too much music to store on their iPhone or iPad, it's well worth it. Here's how to subscribe right from your iPhone or iPad!

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How to instantly buy iTunes Radio songs in iTunes

iTunes Radio is a great way to discover new music. So what if you stumble across a song you like so much you want to own it and keep it forever? Easy. With just a few taps you can buy it instantly from iTunes!

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How to rate songs for better results with iTunes Radio

Rating songs in iTunes Radio can help it serve up music that's better suited to your tastes. So instead of just skipping through songs next time you don't like a specific track, be sure to tell iTunes Radio. The same goes for music you do like. Here's how:

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How to download and delete individual songs on your iPhone and iPad with iTunes Match

iTunes Match, Apple's streaming service for music, matches your entire music library and allows you to stream music directly to your iPhone or iPad wherever you have a data connection. There may come times where you don't have a data connection and would like to download certain music to your iPhone or iPad for use when you don't have service. As of iOS 6.1, you can now download and delete individual songs, instead of whole albums, right on your iPhone and iPad.

Here's how...

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How to manually transfer media to your iPhone and iPad with iTunes 11

If you haven't hopped on the iCloud and iTunes Match bandwagons just yet, you can still sync content to your iPhone and iPad with iTunes. The newly released iTunes 11 switches things up a little so if you aren't quite sure how to continue using iTunes to manage all your media and apps, follow along and we'll show you how.

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