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Apple announces the new iPod nano, widescreen with Bluetooth

Apple has just announced a new iPod nano which is the 7th generation of the hugely popular device. The new nano is larger than the previous model as it comes with a 2.5-inch screen and has physical controls on the side. It has a similar look to an iPhone but obviously it is much smaller and thinner coming in at just 5.4mm thick.

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Motorola announces the MOTOACTV, looks like an iPod nano watch

Motorola has announced that it will soon be releasing a watch that looks very similar to an iPod Nano. The MOTOACTV comes out of the box as a watch so you don't need the accessory strap like you would with an iPod nano.

It is 46mm square and powered by Android. It features a GPS system, heart rate monitor and wait for it.... Bluetooth so you can use it with wireless headphones; of course it is an MP3 player too. It can also pair with your phone and you can then read text messages and other alerts as well as answer calls using the 1.6-inch touchscreen.

So, a lot of what TiPb has been asking for in an iPod nano watch,

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TiPb Asks: What Apple products do you own?

What Apple products do you own? If you're reading TiPb then chances are high you have an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Apple TV, but what about iPods nano shuffle and classic? What about iMacs and Macs Mini and Pro? What about MacBooks Pro and and Air? Airports Express and Extreme? Time Capsules and Cinema Displays?

Apple products spawn like tribbles I tell you, really expensive tribbles! I know I have more than I ever thought I would. What about you, what Apple products do you call your own?

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iPod nano Jailbreak: Movies, Calendar Events, and Passcode Lock coming soon?

Developer and hacker, James Whelton has managed to "Jailbreak" the iPod nano, getting past its cache comparison and installing a rather simple tweak that can remove default apps and replace them with 'blank spaces' on the nano's springboard. This can open up the iPod Nano to more hacks and mods from other hackers, including the ability to potentially view Movies or TV Shows, set Calendar Events and set a passcode lock.

Whelton pointed out some hidden strings that he discovered in the iPod nano OS as well.

Next is the discovery in some of the device’s plists of reference to support of Movies, TV Shows, Apps, Games, vCards, Calender events and so on, with a few other cool things like a passcode lock. With the bypass I figured out, I hope to enable these pretty soon. It seems like the OS is a rehashed version of the previous nano’s OS.

Details on how to jailbreak the iPod nano are said to be released in a few days. It'll be interesting to see what Team Jailbreak will do with the newly hacked Nano. Would you want Movies and TV Shows on such a small screen? Are there any particular mods you would like on the sixth-gen nano?

Check below for a video of the hack in action.


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Apple special music event - what we didn't get

What didn't we get from Apple during their 2010 special music event? The iPod touch line got an extremely decent refresh, as well as the Nano.   iPhone is getting iOS 4.1 next week with some newly added features and some much needed bug fixes. The iPad will be getting iOS 4.2 - in November, but I'm sure some of us would have liked to see it sooner. And we got an overhauled iTunes. I personally wasn't expecting a whole new iTunes, so that was the surprise of the day for me. AppleTV was pretty underwhelming in my book (as well as Rene's).  Click through to see what us here at TiPb would have liked to see and let us know in the comments what you would have liked that just didn't make the cut this time.

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Friday Fun Fake: iPhoney Nano

Apple has confirmed repeatedly that they're not going to make an iPhone nano. So while that means they may or may not, it definitely means the knock-off artists are making them. Register Hardware brings us this little gem:

The Mini's touchscreen in resistive rather than capacitive, a choice no doubt partly dictated by cost and partly by the need to use a stylus to type on the diminutive virtual Qwerty keyboard which only appears in portrait mode. That's not to say you actually have to use the stylus – after some practice we managed to finger-type with around a 60 per cent chance of getting the right letter the first time.

Anyone racing over to get one?

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iPod Takes Center Stage At Lame-ish "Let's Rock" Event

It wasn't MacWorld 2007, was it? Too much hype, too little delivery? Rumors of secret features and analysts wetting themselves over lower-margin product revelations set the bar too high? Or did Apple just decide to slip under it this time?

Either way, for iPhone lovers like we here at TiPb, Apple spared only about 10 seconds worth of attention. Highlights were limited to Firmware 2.1, which will be available Friday and include better battery life, less crashy apps, and... working 3G?!

Apple's already made their money for the year on the iPhone, however, so it was time to pump the holiday purses: iPod Nano and iPod Touch. Read on for pics and the full roundup!

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Photo Firsts: Let's Rock and 4G Nano!

Engadget has scored a couple of sneaky first looks at both Apple's upcoming "Let's Rock" event (above) scheduled for Tuesday, and the new 4th Generation iPod Nano (below) that's all but certain to be released there.

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ZOMG! iPod Nano 4G Case in the Wildz!

Was Kevin Rose right? Is the Analyst-busting 8-Ball now batting 500? Could there be any more speculation about something that's close-to, but not quite an iPhone?? Engadget Spanish (via MacRumors) has seen the usual pre-Special Event hype, and raised the first "in the wild" case leaks:

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iPhone Nano Rumors Will Never Die...

...Just multiply! So says MacRumors, gossiping this time about a UK report that has Apple launching an iPhone Nano just in time for the holidays. But is anyone buying what the DailyMail is cooking?

Nope. Not even on coupon night. Though MacRumors does state the more sensical:

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